How Adobe Target improves customer engagement

As a data-driven marketer you will want to harness the power of Adobe Target to quickly test the effectiveness of your channels and to create personalized customer experiences. It’s the modern high-tech way to deliver excellent conversion rates and improve engagement.   

Whether your priority audiences use smartphones during their morning commuter journey, a desktop PC during the day, or a tablet device at night, they will expect every digital experience with your brand to be personalized and consistent. 

When you meet their expectations with tailored content and offers based on your existing relationships, loyalty or online behavior, you can significantly increase your conversion rates and reduce friction in your customers’ journeys. 

What is Adobe Target? 

Adobe Target is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud which supports integrated cross-industry digital marketing. It provides insights for cross-channel campaign management, testing and targeting, content creation, social engagement and campaign orchestration.   

It can optimize segment-specific customer experiences across all your digital interactions using any data source and based on customer behavior. For mobile users it can identify the context such as device type or location so you can stay well informed about buying trends. 

A personalization engine 

Adobe Target is the personalization engine for Adobe Experience Cloud, providing all the tools you need to deliver tailored experiences at scale from the first contact and across all your touchpoints. 

It provides a visual workflow, a rich content editor, adaptable open implementation, and AI-powered testing and personalization. Adobe Target can play a key role in acquisition, engagement, conversion, loyalty and revenue growth for your organization. 

Adobe Target for competitive advantage 

To create an effective digital marketing strategy, you will want to find your most profitable customers and understand as much as you can about them. 

Information about what makes certain websites attractive and which deals, products and services will produce the best sales can transform your business performance. Understanding what you can do to encourage customers to stay longer on your channels, spend more money, and come back for more, will be critical for your plans. 

You can use Adobe Target to test the effectiveness of different approaches on your website, in your emails, on your banners and in apps. To see what works best you can quickly and easily experiment with different options automatically in real time.  

Each digital interaction can be tailored to create highly relevant experiences for your customer segments, enhanced by relevant, personalized content. Even better, each test will add to your knowledge about your customers’ priorities and how to engage with them effectively.  

Adobe Commerce

The Customer Data Platform 

As we prepare for an online world without third-party cookies, Adobe’s real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides an approach to build your first party cookie profile. Adobe Target can be used now to personalize anonymous traffic based on in-session behavioral data and can also use artificial intelligence (AI) driven activities like Auto-Target to encourage visitors to authenticate their identity. 

Adobe’s CDP allows you to build a potential customer’s profile based on brand interactions. Adobe Target can capture available data and collate suitable content in real-time and select the right moment in between clicks to invite an unknown visitor to register and give their consent to cookies. 

Your visitors’ ‘propensity’ scores, which indicate the likelihood of actions like a purchase, can also be accessed from the CDP to allow Adobe Target to deliver relevant experiences that will increase the likelihood of conversion. 

Omnichannel personalization 

As websites and mobile commerce become more sophisticated you will need flexible architectures for all environments. 

Adobe’s Journey Optimizer collates and delivers personalized, connected customer journeys across apps, devices, screens, or channels. Used with Adobe Target it provides a decision engine with a library to support personalized offers for both inbound and outbound website and app users.  

There’s also an Adobe Target software developer kit (SDK) for Python and Microsoft users to support near real-time experiments for websites, single page applications, mobile channels and internet of things (IoT) devices like in-store screens. 

Latest additions to Adobe Target 

The most recent additions to Adobe Target are a new family of algorithms to support recommendations based on a visitor’s cart content, which can also exclude items already in their cart. 

Support for Microsoft’s Web Components has also been added, allowing personalized experiences and offers to be tested on custom elements using the Visual Experience Composer. 

Work with experts 

Williams Commerce is certified as an Adobe Commerce Specialist, assuring the highest standards for our ecommerce clients. Our expert team can deliver the best results when it comes to cutting edge Adobe Commerce implementation. 

Speak with one of our experts to harness the power of Adobe Target to improve personalization and customer engagement for your organization. 


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