Discovery Audit & Research

An efficient website is the hub of any online business. The discovery and audit process is an essential part of setting up a website or upgrading an existing one. Through this process, our team at Williams Commerce will get a deeper understanding of what you need for your online business to run smoothly.
Discovery Audit & Research

The Discovery Process


The first step is for our team to analyze your homepage (if you have one) along with your competitors’ websites.

Discovery Kickoff

Next we move to an in depth Discovery Kickoff, we discuss every aspect of the discovery process and confirm what workshops and discussions will be required This will include how the process works, what our role is, and what your role is.


Through a series of focused workshops, we learn your business needs, determine the functionality you would like to have, and gather the details we need to deliver the project. Our team also works closely with your user experience teams to weave user experience workshops with technical workshops, creating a holistic solution. At the end of the process, we hold a final workshop called Playback. Here we discuss and validate our findings with you and confirm that we are aligned in our goals.


Our goal is to come out of the discovery process with recommendations for integrations and partners. These partners may join our workshops to help create the most effective solutions.


The documentation phase sees us produce a statement of work detailing our findings. We also include any revisions to the initial costs of the project and a project plan and timeline during this step. We will also produce User Stories for our delivery team to ensure your requirements are understood by developers and testers.

Discovery Audit & Research

Discovery as a Standalone Service

If you are not sure what platform to use, or if you need a complex website build, we offer discovery as a standalone service. We will take you through a more comprehensive discovery process and provide a recommendation as to which platform can meet all your business needs. You can then choose for us to deliver it, or you can use it as a request for proposal (RFP) that you can take to other people. Contact us today and discuss starting the discovery and audit process with one of our ecommerce experts.