Ecommerce Development

At the heart of Williams Commerce is an experienced software development capability.

Software Development

Since 2008 we have worked across many projects spanning app, web, cloud, integration delivering transformational opportunities and results for our customers. Crossing a wide range of technologies and platforms we often help our customers select the right technology stack for their software development project.

Williams Commerce Delivers

24/7 Support & Ongoing Development

We provide proactive application support and monitoring 24/7 where required within a set of agreed SLAs.

Hosting & Deployment

Our infrastructure team look after nearly 500 systems on a daily basis for a range of customers.

Quality Assurance

Our QA Engineers ensure the solution meets the original requirements, passes internal testing, UAT, beta release and deployment to production.

Software Development Services

Consulting & Architecture

Our Solution Consultants thrive on new and exciting challenges, spending time understanding our clients businesses and requirements. All members of our consulting team have 15+ years of real world business systems experience allowing them to truly add value to your project. Having worked with many systems, projects they can look at all options often approaching a challenge from a completely new angle delivering a lower cost better solution for our customers.

User Experience Design

Our success is through our ability to deliver breakthrough solutions built around customer requirements. In addition our User Experience team understand the important of informed UX, poor implementations lead to lower conversion rates, abandoned shopping baskets, poor user adoption, high bounce rates. Much of our work starts with a usability audit involving data analysis, user interviews, customer journeys. Our dedicated UX team cross every project which we deliver.

Custom Software Development

With nearly 100 specialists spanning ecommerce, software development, architecture, hosting we maintain a number of specialist teams delivering focused solutions for our customers. Our teams are organised by platform experience, programming languages, market experience with cross functionality specialists to offer the highest levels of quality and innovation. All projects are delivered using our project delivery frameworks built with experience, offering fixed price, agile or stage gate style delivery options. Projects include off the shelf implementations, open source or entirely bespoke solutions. We always work to find the right technical and sustainable solution. Our technical specialist areas include Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server), PHP, Microsoft Dynamics, Linux and Windows Server Hosting, iOS and Android App Development. Projects can be deployed on our cloud infrastructure, on premise or with a best in breed cloud platform.

Systems Integration

By working with you or directly with your 3rd party systems providers we deliver robust integration solutions across a range of industries, systems and use cases. Almost every software project we have undertaken has required a level of systems integration, underpinning robust data and efficient business processes. Our systems integration team have worked with almost every major ERP solution, and many bespoke ones as well. Outside ERP, integration may involvement payment solutions, document stores, process management systems, MRP, CRM systems and almost any application which can communicate through APIs, flat files, or direct database connectivity. Increasingly businesses are overlaying traditional data with sophisticated AI and machine learning solutions which can be accessed through integration.

Forming good working relationships with any 3rd party systems providers is key, and we adhere to any required frameworks and working standards to deliver the right solution.

Mobile App Development

With Google reporting more transactions are now made via mobile phones than desktop, the demand for optimized Mobile Apps is delivering increased engagement for many of our customers. Our App development team focuses on both native app development and HTML based multi platform solutions using Titanium Appcelerator and Phonegap. In addition we have a number of pre built solutions allowing rapid deployment opportunities for our customers.

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