Client: The Rayware Group


Sector: Home & Garden

Project Size: £125,000-£250,000

Territory: United Kingdom

Technology: Adobe

Founded in 1975, The Rayware Group has become a leading housewares supplier of some of the UK’s best-known British brands including Kilner®, Mason Cash, Typhoon, RavenheadViners and Price & Kensington.


Since 1975, The Rayware Group has been a leading supplier of homewares to the British market, with a host of famous brands within its huge product offering.

Having previously ran their ecommerce website on Magento 1 and with Magento 1 end of life approaching, the business took the decision to migrate to Adobe Commerce. They also required four new B2C websites to be built for various brands within the wider group. 

Sublime integration to enhance operations 

To allow customers to shop directly from all four B2C sites, Williams Commerce set about building a Magento site with a shared backend, but four  different front ends that reflect the respective brands.
This was a challenging prospect from an integration perspective, with the previous versions of the sites running on either Magento 1 or Magento 2 Open Source.
We worked to consolidate all four brand sites into one Adobe Commerce site, helping The Rayware Group achieve one of their major project goals. This has given The Rayware Group’s team the ability to control five websites – Viners, Mason & Cash, Kilner, Typhoon, and their own Rayware B2B site – from a single content management system.

Information for both B2B and B2C customers

Each of the sites contains information that is directed at B2C customers, but also useful information for any retailer or buyer looking to stock up on products from Viners, Mason & Cash, Kilner and Typhoon.  This includes documentation for B2B customers to support with their merchandising goals, and treat the respective websites as one-stop shops for buyers. 
Information tailored to B2C customers includes fantastic recipes contained within a branded recipes module. This provides usable recipes and then allows the customer to explore the rest of the site and buy products that align if they so wish. 



Williams Commerce’s team of migration experts oversaw the technical discovery and core Adobe Commerce build as part of migration project for the main Rayware B2B website. We also handled the hosting setup and configuration for Adobe Commerce Cloud.

We led front-end, commerce and custom development work, as well as meeting a variety of integration requirements, including integrating bespoke business systems via CSV. Additional integrated modules included Clerk.IOAmasty Layered Navigation, Dotdigital and Feefo.

Our team also conducted UX and UI work to ensure the new website meets user requirements across the board.

Williams Commerce’s digital marketing team created a technical SEO checklist to help The Rayware Group ensure no SEO value was lost during the migration.

The group’s previous B2B website required sign-in to access, but the new Magento 2 website is open, with users having to sign in only to complete a purchase.

Upgrading the offering for customers

Of the 4 B2C sites that The Rayware Group operated, only one – Viners –was an eCommerce site. Mason & Cash, Kilner and Typhoon were none eCommerce websites and therefore bringing in no direct revenue.

The Rayware Group also wanted to revamp each of their sites and introduce new design. Our Design and UX team set about creating a common layout that could be applied across all sites, but with unique design facets in order to tailor each site’s layout to the different brands.

We also enabled different content to be viewed based on whether a viewer was logged in to the site or not. 

This would help to ensure that business and non-business customers could access the information that was most valuable to them.



  • Adobe Commerce Cloud build
  • Data driven workshops
  • System integration
  • UX & Ui design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Adobe Commerce Cloud support


The 5 sites went live in 2021, with The Rayware Group settling into the new sites since then and working to make the most of the enhanced capabilities they now have at their fingertips.​

​The Rayware Group also has a roadmap which is currently being scoped out with our development team. This is likely to involve the addition of more stores for additional brands within The Rayware Group, thanks to the success of having the four stores of their main brands available via a single portal.​

  • Conversion rate increased by 101% in first 6 months ​
  • Revenue increased by 138% after first 6 months​

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