Official Feefo integration module version 2 is launched

Feefo is an independent customer feedback system which can enhance your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), increase onsite conversion, reduce returns and improve your customer loyalty and all in one package!!

What makes Feefo so effective is that it provides future customer with independent reviews from actual customers – ensuring that customer trust in your brand is maximised.

I’m sure you already know how important is to improve your offering to meet your clients’ expectations… well, this is what we have done with our new Version 2 Feefo module.

The new module has all the benefits of the original version, namely:

• Synchronises your data with Feefo automatically using the module’s built in feed.
• Controls where and how Feefo logos are presented on your site via Magento admin screens.
• Secures your feed with an IP based Firewall and a security key.
• Controls when Feefo asks your customers for feedback.
• Shows customer feedback directly on your site.
• Includes Google stars within your pages for better SEO ranking.
• Shows Feefo feedback adjacent to products in your basket to increase your conversion rate.

There are a number of new features:

• Additional logo placement locations have been introduced.
• Different logos can now be rendered at different locations so you can tailor logo rendering as required.
• A new Feefo widget permits you to position a logo easily almost anywhere on your site (using Magento’s widget target locations)
• Products can be individually included or excluded from Feefo feeds giving you tighter control over your feedback.
• The module includes a new “business category” mechanism allowing you to categorise your products precisely for better Feefo KPI reporting.
• Better support for multi-store environments with store level Feefo logons, so you can easily control feedback logos using different scopes.
• Feed generation has been significantly optimised to run faster.

If you want to start benefiting from Feefo in your eCommerce site click here to download and integrate into your site in 10 minutes! It’s compatible for both Enterprise and Community Magento editions.

Williams Commerce has developed a number of Magento extensions such as Canonicals, VeriFone (Payment Gateway), Shutl (shipping module) amongst others, check out our Module Store to find out more about them. Williams Commerce is also a Magento Enterprise Partner and has offered site build and consultancy services to SME retailers since 2008.


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