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John Smedley Case Study

Established in 1784, John Smedley is world renowned for crafting beautiful, high-quality garments in Britain.  They have customers in shopping with them in over 150 countries. 


"We are very happy with our new website. The team at Williams has done a great job with all the complex integrations we required, and we feel we have really optimised our operational efficiency and embraced the Adobe Commerce platform tools. We have a very rich history and the design team have done a good job to revitalise the website’s..."

Delivered to 154 countries

Mobile Revnue up by 30%

10% increase in conversion rate


Williams Commerce has been John Smedley’s
chosen e-Commerce and marketing partner since 2010 working on short and long-term strategy and tactics

  • With such a large customer base across so many countries we had to be very tactical about how we approached their ecommerce build through several stages of development
  • Key objectives for this migration were:
  • Upgrade from Magento 1 to Adobe Commerce Cloud
  • Deliver to 154 counties with a focus on the core countries: UK, Europe (EUR), Europe (GBP), Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, China, USA & Rest of the world.
  • Service all B2C customer from one instance of the Adobe Platform
  • Redesign the website with mobile first knowing that 60%+ customers use their mobile to purchase.
  • Integrate with the ERP, Finance and Warehouse systems.
  • Have a very strong marketing migration plan to not lose rankings.
John Smedley Case Study


A big deep dive and discovery to determine the needs of John Smedley but primarily their customers.

  • Collect as much data as possible to make considered decisions. 
  • Current website analytics and heatmapping and the existing brand guidelines.
  • Sales data to understand sizing: traffic, order, customer volume, aov, peaks etc.
  • Customer types: What type of customers are there and what do they differ per country.
  • Specific country needs, language, currency, payment method etc.
  • Business needs like how many administrators, type of administrators, reporting and flows.
  • Workshops with IT/Technical teams and third parties to determine the technical capabilities of their existing ERP, Finance and Warehouse systems.
  • Business needs, customer needs and system capabilities for a complete solution.
  • After sign off the build went ahead with full use of Adobe its capabilities.


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We specified an Adobe Commerce Cloud infrastructure with 11 stores for the specific focus countries and ROW.  We integrated Global-E to provide a technical solution for managing multinational payments across all regions.  The outcome was a solution that:

  • Deliverd to 154 countries with live calculated rates.
  • A new design focused on devices that delivered a 30% increase in mobile revenue
  • Data driven decisions on design that  increased Conversions Rates through CRO by 10% YoY
  • One Adobe instance driving all Global online sales and is integrated to automate the business flow as much as possible.







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