Magento 2 is the fastest growing ecommerce platform on the planet, and with good reason too. With incredible functionality and flexibility, it’s secure, robust and scalable.

Magento 2 is available in two editions:
- Magento Open Source (formerly Community) for small businesses
- Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise) for growing businesses

Furthermore, businesses who still use Magento 1 are running out of time before end of support starts in June 2020. So if you’re considering a Magento 2 migration, there’s never been a better time.

Find out some of the key considerations Magento suggests for merchants when upgrading to Magento 2

We’re delighted with our new Magento 2 website...

It’s so much faster for our customers and easier for my team to use day to day from a merchandising and management perspective. The growth in our sales is proof that it’s been an excellent investment for our business.

Katie Jenkin Creative Director & Co-founder
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Why Magento 2?

Modular architecture and coding structures

This means there’s more capacity for growth with Magento 2.

Advanced search functionality

Magento 2 uses Elastic Search both within the site, and on the admin side. That means users can quickly find what they’re looking for.

Automated testing
This improves code quality, which in itself speeds up time to market for new site builds and changes.

Simplified Magento 2 upgrades
This gives our merchants an easier path to the latest version of Magento without costly and complex upgrades.

Improved performance
This covers both client and server side optimisation, and includes the addition of 3rd party caching.

Flexible architecture
Magento 2 is built on a modern technology stack, making it quick to build new sites by embracing the latest technology.

Modular design
Magento partners can customise, add and remove functionality without affecting the underlying system integrity.

Great frameworks
The latest theming, layout and design options allow for great user experiences.

Reinvent your Retail offering

By taking advantage of the full range of capabilities Magento 2 offers, retailers can deliver more for their customers – and do so in a highly efficient and effective way:

Advanced shipping – This makes it easy to configure different shipping offerings, including cost, carrier and table rates.

Magento Business Intelligence reporting – This cloud-based subscription service offers users access to sophisticated reports. That means you can get a more detailed insight into your website and how it’s being used.


Williams Commerce has a strong software development capability, meaning Magento 2 development work is something we can manage with no issue. We’re also in a position to offer Magento 2 hosting thanks to our expertise in the managed hosting space.

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Magento Social
– A great way to enhance engagement and drive traffic to your store is using connectors such as Magento Social Facebook Connector. For example, you can add ‘Like’ buttons to CMS blocks across your store to increase visitor interaction.

Amazon Integration – This is possible thanks to the Magento 2 Amazon connector.

Enhanced Email Marketing – This is thanks to DotMailer integration.


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