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Sarsen Stone Group are the parent company of following tiling brands – Artisans of Devizes, Ca’ Pietra, Proper Good Paint™ and the National Trust Tile Collection. A family run business passionate about sourcing only the best natural stone and tiles from around the world​

"The new web infrastructure is an integral part of our growth and the ability to deliver​ multiple websites is at the heart of our Digital strategy."

Digital Transformation

Revnue up by 60%

101% increase in conversion rate


Over the last 30 years Sarsens have been on a journey to become the most sought-after stone and tile company in the UK. Their heritage and story embody a strong, stable, confident business that still has the same owners today as when they set off on their original journey. 

The objective of the project was to deliver a centralised e-commerce platform, on Adobe Commerce, that would enable the business to launch several multi- sites, for each of their brands, from a single infrastructure.

Phase one of the project saw us deliver a core build for the Artisans of Devizes brand.  Phase two of the project was to develop a multisite for the Ca ‘Pietra brand which is underway.  

It was important that the design and UX of the sites aligned with the overarching positioning of the business.  At the same time, it was important that each of the unique brands stood out with a unique look and feel in line with their own brand principles.  


The project began with a deep-dive discovery.  This focused on the need to deliver a new infrastructure in a way that would allow multiple storefronts to be run from one solution.  

The scope was defined as two multi-sites to be launched independently with centralised integrations to NetSuite and HubSpot.  

During the discovery, we put their customers at the heart of the process.  We looked at all the things that an end user would benefit from when creating the ideal customer journey.  Our UX & UI design team ran multiple workshops reviewing data, conducting interviews and benchmarking many competitor sites.  

The outputs of the engagement process identified key elements of functionality that could have easily been missed if just focusing on the sale of products.  These included sections that explained how the business worked, the ability to book a consultation, to find a showroom, to request a brochure and to view square meter calculat8ions when browsing products.  

This project also relied heavily on the skills of our integration and data team.  There was an integrations to NetSuite for master product and stock information and an integration to HubSpot to manage customer relationships.   We also integrated to TrustPilot to enhance their already strong brand reputation with real life reviews to validate their excellent customer service.

Particular attention was made  to the overall look and feel of the website.  The design of the site needed to align to the Sarsen Group brand as well as embrace the unique positioning that is Artisans of Devizes.  In achieving this we also had to agree on a design layout and template that could become common to all sites moving forward.

We believe that the site we have created really does encapsulate the professionalism and higher-end market position of the brand and the commitment to quality products and excellent customer service.  

We are now working on the second project to design and deliver the Ca ‘Pietra website which should be going live later this year.


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