Make the Most of Paid Social Advertising this Holiday Season

Are you making the most of paid social advertising this golden quarter? With consumers facing advertisements from every direction, it takes a carefully scripted strategy to execute campaigns that will cut between the noise.

Pumpkin spiced lattes are back, Halloween decorations are creeping up in shop windows and kids are putting in overtime to make it onto the nice list. This can only mean one thing; the holiday season is upon us!  

Now for most, this means cozy nights roasting chestnuts by the fire, big fluffy jumpers and festive fun singing Christmas carols. But for online retailers, it means full steam ahead. You can be their next holiday investment, but don’t wait – you’ll be too late! Your shoppers are ready. Learn how to find them, inspire them and guide the way this holiday season using Paid Social 

Last Christmas, Statista reported a £35.62m estimated value of online retail sales during Christmas, which, believe it or not, is 10% less than the previous year. In 2020, 45% of ALL holiday spending was complete by the end of Cyber Monday.  

It’s no surprise then that the most important thing you can do this Holiday season is ensure you show up early and impact often. Did you know brands displayed a 5.2% higher CRV (Customer referral value) for ‘always-on’ vs ‘episodic’ advertisers? Building an ‘always-on’ presence is critical to reaching wider audiences and meeting your KPI’s. With consumers facing advertisements from every direction, it takes a carefully scripted strategy to execute campaigns that will cut between the noise.

What have Social Media giants added to make advertising easier?


Facebook have gone above and beyond lately to make things easier for Facebook advertising, by creating a Conversions API. The Conversions API is designed to directly connect your marketing data and Facebook systems to help optimize your campaigns, decrease CPA, improve results measurement and increase data control. It’s important to note that the Conversions API is affected by Apple’s iOS 14 changes within the AppTrackingTransparency framework. 

The Conversions API can be used alongside the existing Facebook Pixel to help optimize ad targeting and performance visibility. Facebook have also included several ways to implement the API, for the best setup options to suit your business: 

  • Commerce Platform Partner Integrations 

In house developers not available? Expert support from partner integrations means this setup is the most efficient and allows for customization to suit your needs. 

  • Conversions API Gateway 

A code free, self-service set up in Events Manager. This option best suits businesses who have tech developers at their disposal as it requires installing a package onto your cloud server. 

  • Direct integration using code 

If increased control is your preference, this is your best option. Manual set-up using code allows for full control and the ability to send events and capture parameters that the pixel cannot. However, it does require access to server code base and consistent management.


Twitter advertising  was the first platform to recognize that Covid-19 has impacted everybody in various ways, thus evolving the way people shop. With this in mind, they have put together a list of methods fundamental to reaching Christmas shoppers in 2021.  

  • Be CLEAR  

Make sure each and every impression you get is aware of the time frame in which to place orders. An upset customer who has missed the planned gift date is not an easy one to contend with.  

  • Spread the feel-good factor 

It’s been a tough time for most so take a pause from throwing products from every which way and make your customers laugh. Make them smile. Remind them what’s important. Get creative and help consumers associate your brand with a smile.  

  • Communicate your safety measures 

Make sure each and every customer that invests in your business is aware of any health and safety measures you are taking in store this year. 

  • Share Ideas 

People don’t just head to the internet to purchase any more. People are online for ideas, recipes, thoughts and plans. Give them inspiration for their next homemade Christmas tree decoration. Perhaps an idea for a festive recipe? Build their trust and allow them to identify your brand positively 

  • Finally, bring your products to LIFE 

Is your asset library full of carefully placed products on a crisp white background? Photograph your products in lifestyle scenarios and allow your customers to get as close to owning the product as they can, without actually owning it.


From retro Christmas aesthetics to tantalizing Pumpkin pie recipes, Pinterest advertising really has it all. This holiday season they’ve added even more to share your products far and wide.  

  • Introducing…slideshow for collections 

A brand-new ad format that allows you to showcase a large lifestyle image with up to 25 products tagged. This feature allows you to display and stage your products as you would in your store.  

  • Enhanced shopping ads 

A richer, more seamless experience for your shoppers. Your ads can now include details on shipping, reviews, promotions and more. Far too often we have all had to battle different Conversion Checkout Killers. With all this additional info, we can encourage shoppers to convert by giving them every single question AND answer.  

  • If that wasn’t enough, how about Automated Bidding?  

Pinterest have built a new tool that saves hours on end of manual analysis. Let Pinterest do some of the work for you by managing your bids to deliver maximum results within your budget.  

Pinterest have identified 3 key phases that are key to succeeding this holiday season;  

  • Phase 1 – increase spend in line with the holidays to capture Black Friday sales (which will fall on the 26th November in 2021) 
  • Phase 2 – maintain budgets as shoppers begin to finish their shopping 
  • Phase 3 – Shift focus to launching New Year campaigns and make January count. Take advantage of cheaper CPM’s

Ready to make the most of Paid Social this Golden Quarter?

We hope this blog has provided you with some further insights into how to maximize the use of your social media advertising this holiday period. All these tips combined can help you increase engagement and website traffic and in turn, increase revenue.  

You can learn more about how to enhance your own Social Media Marketing,  and if you need a helping hand, we have a team of experienced social media marketers at your disposal. Get in touch today!


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