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Stone Tile Company – Paid Social Case Study

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FB & Magento Product Integration

6800 % Average ROAS

157%% increase in Social Revenue

One company we have a long-standing relationship with is Stone Tile Company. This leading online retailer of tiling solutions for homes and businesses has been a client of Williams Commerce for over four years.  

We helped Stone Tile Company transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2 back in 2017, and since then have been driving their digital performance forward through a combination of digital marketing services, including SEO and PPC. 

To help further this, we engaged with Stone Tile Company to deliver a strategic approach to Paid Social advertising, across Facebook and Instagram. 

Stone Tile Company Paid Social Case Study


Back in early 2019, we initiated a Paid Social strategy with Stone Tile Company to help take their social media efforts to new levels.  

As part of this, we led a complete integration of Facebook Product Catalogue to make Stone Tile Company’s Magento products available through Facebook ads and other services. 

Our team then used a range of Facebook placements, campaigns and ad formats, including carousel ads for ranges such as outdoor porcelain tiles to drive online traffic and revenue from Paid Social. We used product dynamic remarketing ads to serve users with offers on products they had previously explored on the Stone Tile Company site, making the most of the available session data to drive exceptional performance. 

Furthermore, by using Facebook’s knowledge of its users and interest-based targeting, we were able to target campaigns to users with a high likelihood to have an interest in Stone Tile Company’s products. 

Additionally, we took advantage of ‘lookalike’ audiences, in which Facebook creates a new audience, based on the similarity of users to previous customers of Stone Tile Company. Lookalike audiences are a creative way to acquire new customers, with a higher-than-average likelihood of conversion. 

The Results

The campaigns and ads we created and managed for Stone Tile Company’s Facebook and Instagram channels saw an increase in lead generation in the form of a rise in tile sample requests, as well as direct and assisted sales via their ecommerce website. 

The return on advertising spend (ROAS) for the entire 18-month period since we instigated our Paid Social strategy and management with Stone Tile Company has averaged 6,800% per month. Some particularly strong months during that period saw ROAS reach a staggering 12,000%. 

This excellent ROAS cumulated as an impressive +157% in Paid Social revenues year-on-year from Q2 2020 to Q2 2021.  

As well as our Paid Social strategy with Stone Tile Company, we also offered the company guidance on their organic efforts. This included strategic advice around how to run high-quality Facebook and Instagram competitions to help drive enhanced customer engagement. 


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