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Fine Food Specialist- Paid Social Case Study

Fine Food Specialist – Paid Social

"At Williams Commerce, our digital marketing team aims to place ourselves not so much as a service provider, but as an extra arm of your business. We fully invest in your mission and want to be a part of helping you reach your online goals."

Facebook ROAS average over 1000%

In 2020

Average ROAS for Pinterest exceeded 1000%

In 2020

Average ROAS for Pinterest exceeding 1600%

In 2021 so far

A company that has fully embraced this is Fine Food Specialist. Williams Commerce has worked with Fine Food Specialist since 2016, and we have supported this London-based online retailer of high quality produce consistently reach its digital goals.

Having previously delivered great returns for Fine Food Specialist through Pay-Per-Click, including a 998% return on ad spend (ROAS), the Williams Commerce team was more than happy to discuss how we could turn Paid Social into another profitable channel that would generate additional revenue. 


The main focus of our Paid Social approach with Fine Food Specialist was on acquiring new customers and driving sales. Additional goals included the creation of more upward funnel campaigns, increased engagement with existing and potential new customers, and developing leads for Fine Food Specialist’s email marketing campaign. 

As with all the work we have done with Fine Food Specialist, the Williams Commerce team worked closely with the company to ensure all parties were moving in the same direction. This included the supply of images, videos and recipes which were optimised for Facebook and Instagram ads. This made social media advertising easier because the visual appeal of Fine Food Specialist’s excellent products and recipes was front and central. 

We scaled the Facebook and Instagram ads accounts by applying a tailored approach to the Paid Social strategy. This centred around the highly seasonal nature of the Fine Food Specialist range, and saw us advertise the right products at the right time to relevant target audiences, utilising the dedicated assets we were provided with for the ads we ran 

We also keep the fresh by experimenting with lots of ad formats and placements across Facebook and Instagram, testing everything from carousel and video ads to collection ads and dynamic product ads. We have also looked into dedicated story placements across Instagram and Facebook with dedicated artwork to improve conversion rates. 

Opening new revenue streams

Facebook and Instagram are huge social media channels and always worth targeting for B2C companies. But the nature of Fine Food Specialist’s business makes them particularly suited to yet another platform – Pinterest.

Having looked at new channels that could be explored, the Williams Commerce team started running Pinterest ads for Fine Food Specialist back end of 2019.

Pinterest is well geared towards acquisition and attracting new customers who may interested in discovering new recipes and ingredients. We utilised a specific targeting technique combining interests with keywords and demographic data, as well as custom audience lists to support this.

We also helped integrate Fine Food Specialist’s product feed with their Pinterest account to create a shop tab filled with shoppable product pins, which would get updated on a regular basis using the latest product information and enabling Pinterest users to find and buy the products they need with a few clicks.

Initially, we used catalogue sale ads with shoppable pins to drive online sales from Pinterest. However, after we helped launch the new Fine Food Specialist Magento 2 site, we were able to expand the scope of the campaigns and utilise the site’s new Drogo’s Kitchen section successfully via Pinterest 

This section of the new site contains some of Fine Food Specialist’s founder Drogo Montagu’s favourite recipes, which we promoted as collection pins, with full recipe details. The images of the recipes look fantastic, so this content really stands out on the Pinterest platform. We also tagged up relevant ingredients, helping to create a really engaging ad format that allows users to turn inspiration into action easily.


Our Paid Social work with Fine Food Specialist has had a significant effect, with a really high ROAS recorded across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This is has been a real boon for Fine Food Specialist who have seen more people discovering their store via social channels, resulting in greater revenue.

In 2019, ROAS for Paid Social was at a pretty solid 600% average. But in 2020 this was taken to a new level, with a ROAS average over 1000%. And the signs so far in 2021 is that that percentage will be exceeded once again.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that despite increasing spend, ROAS has still gone up. It’s not unusual for higher spend to result in a lower return percentage, but the opposite has happened.

When we started a Pinterest account with Fine Food Specialist in 2019, it naturally took a little while to build and gain momentum. But by 2020, the average ROAS for this channel also exceeded 1000%. And this medium is really paying dividends, with an average ROAS so far in 2021 topping 1600%.

So successful has Fine Food Specialist proven on Pinterest that we are looking to scale up with more investment and more ad formats, such as more video ads for example and other new ad formats as and when they’ll be launched by Pinterest.

This success has been in large part thanks to a really close working relationship between Fine Food Specialist and the Williams Commerce digital marketing team. This collaborative approach has helped tailor the Paid Social Strategy perfectly and allowed this medium to be harnessed in a really successful way. By putting our heads together, it is remarkable what kind of results can be achieved.


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