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Gill create world-class customer experience with headless ecommerce

Operating in 37 countries, Gill want to deliver an exceptional customer experience and grow their ecommerce.

"We have worked with Williams Commerce for several years, who have helped us to grow both our B2C and B2B offering. The latest DXP project has allowed us to improve the user-experience leading to increased conversion rates, as well as improving our SEO which has allowed us to reach more customers, in multiple locations. The DXP project marks another successful roll-out from the Williams Commerce team to grow our ecommerce."

17% Improvement in SEO

347% Increase in lighthouse score

Serving customers in 37 countries


In 2021, Gill launched seven international and national ecommerce sites with support from the Williams Commerce team. These sites covered the UK, US, France, Germany, Australia, and the rest of the world along with a specialist fishing website.

Once the new websites were live, we worked with Gill to support their long-term digital goals through ecommerce consultancy, continuous development and digital marketing.

Gill’s long-term digital objective is to create world-class customer journeys online using a digital experience platform (DXP). This would require a headless ecommerce solution using both BigCommerce and WordPress.

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The Gill Fishing site was the first to launch in November 2023. The result was an impressive 15% improvement in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) thanks to a new WordPress content management system (CMS) which has enabled Gill to produce high-quality content. Building upon this success, an ambitious launch programme for the other six sites was rolled out from January to April 2024.

Headless ecommerce

Exceptional online user experiences (UX/UI) is top priority for Gill however, this could not be met with a traditional ecommerce solution.

Typically, an online sales system and content delivery or presentation are tied or ‘coupled’. However, Gill required an independent ecommerce store and CMS in order to provide a seamless user experience, lightning-fast website and high-quality content. 

Why BigCommerce?

BigCommerce has its own dedicated headless environment as part of the Enterprise package. It offers multi-storefront headless options and its own DXP. Furthermore, it operates in over 150 countries which streamlines the handling of multiple currencies, taxes, and shipments. The multi-store functionality and DXP were the perfect solution to take Gill’s ecommerce to the next level.

Content-rich experiences with WordPress

While BigCommerce handles catalogue management, payment processing and fulfilment, in the background WordPress delivers outstanding branded content. It’s a seamless process, that allows Gill to focus on producing quality content and without compromising on ecommerce functionality.


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Building customer relationships with a DXP

You can create, manage, deliver, and optimise engaging content using a digital experience platform or DXP. 

Consumers use multiple devices to make online purchases and so, content must deliver consistent and connected experiences at every touchpoint. DXP has given Gill the ability to coordinate high-quality content consistently across multiple channels, such as their ecommerce website, email marketing and social media. 

The DXP provides an easy to use dashboard and insights driven by machine learning have given Gill a deeper understanding of customer preferences. The analysis has helped improve customer experiences, increased engagement and improved conversion rates.


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  • 15% improvement in SEO
  • Tailored experiences at every touchpoint
  • Reduced time and cost for testing before deployment
  • Seamlessly coordinated content across multiple channels without compromising ecommerce functionality
  • Enhanced understanding of customer preferences
  • Boosted engagement
  • Significant advancement in light house score by 347%

We have extensive experience working with clients in fashion and sport across the UK and internationally. As a trusted BigCommerce Partner, our award-winning team combine commercial and technical expertise to build, optimise and grow ecommerce brands. Get in touch today to discuss your ecommerce project.

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