BigCommerce enhances social integration and launches Instagram Checkout

BigCommerce make it easier to integrate social media and introduce the ability to checkout on Instagram.

Many of us use social media pretty religiously these days. As this phenomenon has grown, retailers have aimed to find new ways to capitalise on the potential of social media and make it easier to secure sales by harnessing the possibilities it presents.  

Our friends at BigCommerce are at the forefront of ecommerce innovation. In an exciting move, they are one of the first ecommerce platforms to be able to provide Checkout on Instagram for selected merchants. 

Instagram has grown hugely since its launch in October 2010. The platform passed the 1 billion monthly user mark in 2018 and has been maintaining such high numbers ever since.  

The visual elements of Instagram’s offering make the platform particularly suited for the ecommerce world. In fact, 80% of Instagram users follow a business. 

Being able to directly buy from Instagram is something of a gamechanger, and the Checkout for Instagram process is a simple one. Users will see a Checkout on Instagram option on posts or stories that have the capability, and then will be able to fill out contact, shipping and payment details without leaving the Instagram appOrders made via Instagram can also be monitored and checked within the Instagram app.  

With BigCommerce one of the first platforms able to offer such an option to its customers, it seems likely that Instagram’s potential in the ecommerce space is only going to grow.  

Checkout for Instagram is currently for BigCommerce clients in the US only. However, clients that sell in the US and have a base in the US would be able to use the capability on their own Instagram feeds.  

If successful, the Checkout for Instagram capability will be rolled out to the wider global market. How many businesses will take up the chance to add Checkout for Instagram to their own pages remains to be seen, but the convenience and usability this option offers is excellent.  


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