Williams Commerce is delighted to announce the acquisition of risk, compliance and bespoke software developer Fast Floor Multimedia Ltd.

Originally established in 1996 as a web design company, Fast Floor Multimedia quickly expanded into cloud software development and integrated B2B marketing. The company secured major clients, including NHS organisations and BMW UK.

Now focused on business software and ready to deploy systems, the Fast Floor Multimedia team has developed expertise across a number of areas and serves businesses in both the UK and Australia.

The company has worked with clients across industries including manufacturing, distribution, oil and gas, rail, healthcare, automotive and many more.

The company’s core services include:

  • Risk and Compliance management ready to deploy software
  • Operational work-flow streamlining and mapping
  • Bespoke web-based/cloud software development
  • Systems integration
  • Systems consolidation
  • Supplier selection/contract negotiation/programme management

Fast Floor is one of a number of businesses to join the Williams Commerce Group in recent times.

Flint Technology Ltd, an ecommerce, integration and software specialist was acquired in October 2016. Digital and ecommerce agency Un.titled joined the group in April 2017. Tincan, a leading digital experience agency, joined in May 2018.

“The acquisition of Fast Floor Multimedia to the Williams Commerce Group is a really positive move for our business,” said Rob Williams, CEO of Williams Commerce. “The Fast Floor team has built some incredible software over the years, and this represents an opportunity to grow our custom software development and .NET work.”