Why a Website and Market Audit could be the best investment you make this year

When it comes to marketing, our mantra here at Williams Commerce is 20% strategy and 80% implementation.

The 20% thinking part is very important and will layout your game plan for the next 6-12 months and should clearly show how your marketing strategy will achieve your financial and brand objectives. Kicking off with a website and market audit is not a bad place to start and can provide answers to quite a few pieces of the marketing jigsaw puzzle.

The audits we are creating for our customers are helping online businesses identify what to stop, start and continue. The audit will reveal insights into your competitors’ strengths and activities, plus an MOT on your website’s compliance with Google. The report will provide a number of detailed recommendations on how to improve web traffic, average order value and the all important site conversion rates. The recommendations are based on insights created from detailed technical and user journey analysis and is bespoke for every client.

Here’s some of what an audit can offer:

Website Health Check

We will give your website a thorough M.O.T. We use a crawling tool to assess whether your site is well structured (for instance, checking that H1’s are assigned correctly, that optimised meta data in place whether there are any 404 errors – all easily fixed). We identify whether the site has any potential or ongoing on–site issues. Recommendations for improvement and corrective action are to be made if any problems are encountered. For this, we will need to access your analytics and Webmaster tools accounts. You may also want to have a chat with the person responsible for auditing your site to discuss the site’s history and any notable activity (whether good or bad) it has experienced over the last few years. The auditor’s job is to ensure your website is as optimised and compliant as possible to ensure your pages are getting indexed for the search terms most relevant to your site.

User Journey Analysis

We spend many hours looking deeply into your website’s analytics to extract the insights that tell us a great deal about your customers’ journey, where it starts, how long they spend, on which pages, and how quickly their journey with your business ends. We look at your best and worst performing landing pages, page exit rates, the performance of the checkout funnel and we can also set up detailed event and goal tracking within your Google Analytics to take the analysis to another level. The results from this deep dive on your website’s performance can be an eye opening experience for many businesses. We’ve seen game changing results achieved after implementation of our user journey recommendations. If you’re looking to grow your conversion rates, a deep dive analysis into your customer’s user journey is essential.

Competitors and Market Overview

Here we take a look at the overall market and industry in which you are competing and the key competitors within that sector. By looking deeply into your competitors’ online marketing activity, along with yours, we can profile your strengths and weaknesses versus your competitors. This rich data enables us to make some very clear recommendations on the best marketing mix for your business to take forward.

Want to make a transformative difference to your website’s turnover this year? A comprehensive, affordable audit from our experienced marketing team at Williams Commerce is a great place to start. Give our Head of Marketing, Keri Williams a call today to discuss your requirements on 0116 326 1116 or email us at [email protected]


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