Gilson's new customer portal has grown their B2B ecommerce

Leveraging user experience design to create a new customer portal which has a 245% higher average order value than other areas of the site.

"Throughout this major piece of work we conducted discovery sessions with all the key stakeholder groups to design the correct logic for the Gilson business, this process was thorough and ensured our build process was as efficient as possible. As a testament to the quality of resource onboard this project, we delivered on time and on budget, with minimal stabilisation required post launch. We are grateful to the entire team whom we worked with incredibly closely throughout this project, without them the journey would have been much harder!"

245% Higher AOV compared to other areas of the website

30% Higher views than other areas of the website

On average, customers spend 30 seconds longer on the customer portal


Gilson’s process automation strategy and plans for business growth required a comprehensive business to business (B2B) ecommerce solution. The company is firmly focused on improving the quality of the sales process with B2B ecommerce.

Our project’s priority was to reduce the volume of order enquiries which were using up to 40% of the Customer Support team’s time each day. Empowering customers with more interactive self-service experiences on a market leading B2B ecommerce site was the solution. Easy online ordering, status updates, account balances and payments were essential objectives. Gilson’s requirements included:

  • B2B ecommerce consultancy.
  • Adobe Commerce replatforming.
  • User experience and User interface (UX/UI) audit.
  • Product Information Management (PIM).
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • Payment integration.


Gilson worked with Williams Commerce to switch their original in-house Magento 1 platform to Adobe Commerce. To achieve their goals, they needed the support of expert B2B ecommerce consultants and developers.

Automating internal processes previously delivered by customer support, finance and sales teams would streamline and simplify internal operations. The goals were:

  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced enquiries for ordering and updates.
  • Increased customer self-service.
  • Accelerated quote to cash processes.

User experience and user interface (UX/UI) audit

Working alongside Gilson’s development and business teams, the Williams Commerce Consultancy department explored the project’s scope. This included a comprehensive User experience and User interface (UX/UI) audit.

To better understand the requirements, we spoke with employees, key stakeholders in different areas and customers. Requirements ranged from meeting the needs of individual professors in laboratories to high value orders for universities and major corporations. Many small and medium sized customers were calling Customer Services directly to place their orders.

Looking for ways to improve the ordering process, we discovered many customers were already implementing or considering EDI. Our recommendations respected the B2B buying behaviours we saw but also, provided an omnichannel view including PIM and EDI implementation. This would allow customers to view orders placed offline, online order and invoice status updates, account balances and payments.

Payment processing

CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) Infor efficiently manages end-to-end manufacturing operations. This cloud-based solution provides key visibility for all the company’s processes and systems and includes last-mile functionality. Azure Logic Apps allowed seamless integration with Stripe and Visa’s Cybersource for secure pay-by-link invoicing, payment processing and fraud protection.

Customer registration and logins

Synchronising customer accounts with CSI Infor provided improved registration and login processes. Transparent omnichannel ordering, invoicing, credit notes, and monthly statements are delivered using Adobe Commerce B2B functionality and customised account management. The streamlined customer portal allows simple payments via the website’s ‘my account’ area.

The next part of the story

Williams Commerce continue to work with Gilson. The next step is B2B ‘subscribe and save’ functionality. With 60% of repeat orders comprising the same items, this will simplify the process and make reordering more efficient. Monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly product subscriptions will save time for busy B2B buyers and improve customer lifetime value. The Consultancy team’s UX/UI audit reviews are underway to further improve site design and accessibility.


Adobe Commerce Cloud
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  • The my-account section has a 245.62% higher average order value than other areas of the site
  • The my-account section has a 30% higher number of views than other areas of the site
  • The my-account section has 30 seconds more engagement time compared to other areas the site


We have extensive experience working with clients in B2B and the pharmaceutical sector. Our ecommerce consultancy first approach allows us to provide a strategic plan from the outset, alongside our data-drive UX/UI design team to maximise the performance of your website. As a trusted Adobe Commerce Partner, our award-winning team combine commercial and technical expertise to build, optimise and grow ecommerce brands. Get in touch today to discuss your ecommerce project.

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