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Fine Food Specialist- User Experience (UX) Case Study

Fine Food Specialist was founded in 2010 by Michelin trained chef Drogo Montagu, who, set aside by a crippling illness, embarked on a culinary adventure to find the finest foodie products imaginable and make them accessible to everybody from the comfort of their own kitchen

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Taking UX to the next level for Fine Food Specialist

Our relationship with Fine Food Specialist goes back all the way to 2016. Over the years, we have naturally developed an excellent level of trust and collaboration with the Fine Food Specialist team, who have turned to us on numerous occasions to make suggestions, enhancements and improvements to the company’s digital presence.
A recent example of this is the series of changes we have made to the Fine Food Specialist website to enhance the user experience (UX).

Fine Food Specialist- User Experience (UX) Case Study


At the start of the project, a significant number of challenges related to UX were faced. These tested our abilities and required our team to find innovative solutions to address them.

Perhaps foremost when it came to challenges was the need to increase the site’s performance score. This required a major effort from our frontend development team, who were faced with significant hurdles around speed loading time and mobile optimisation. These caused problems for both mobile users and SEO rankings, meaning challenging this head-on was a must.

In order to do this, the Williams Commerce team leveraged Lighthouse reporting, implemented the Swissup page speed module, and took advantage of the WebP tool. These helped optimise images across the site, and brought various other performance-enhancing changes into play.

Approach - addressing accessibility

Another substantial challenge this project posed was to improve the accessibility of the Fine Food Specialist website. This required our team to take a deep dive into the technical aspects of the website and ultimately come up with creative resolutions to the various problems identified.

A major step taken here was the adoption of the WCAG 2.1 AA standard across the website. This helped resolve several accessibility-related issues and enhance accessibility throughout the Fine Food Specialist site.

Additionally, we tackled many of the SEO-related problems that had been faced previously. This helped ensure the website complied with search engine guidelines.


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Implementing Klevu

Implementing Klevu

One of the most significant challenges faced during this project was the implementation of Klevu. This leading ecommerce search solution delivers search results to users based on their intentions and behaviours – all in real-time.

The Williams Commerce team worked closely with Klevu to ensure the integration went as smoothly as possible, which meant extensive research and development was required. This included engaging in a technical session with Klevu to gain a deeper understanding of how their system worked.

Whenever the team encountered challenges in implementing custom functionalities or customisations, we reached out to Klevu for assistance, and there’s no doubt that Klevu’s support played a crucial role in helping us achieve our desired search experience for users of the Fine Food Specialist website.

Klevu also syncs with Klaviyo, Fine Food Specialists email provider, allowing for personalised product suggestions in the email content, based on what users have searched for.


Thanks to meticulous planning and teamwork, this project saw our team achieve several key goals for Fine Food Specialist.

A remarkable improvement in the website’s performance, accessibility, and SEO scores has been achieved, with these reaching Lighthouse scores of 88, 100, and 82 respectively. This not only enhanced the user experience, but also positively impacted the site’s search engine visibility. This in turn contributed to our overarching project objectives.

Mobile optimisation efforts and SEO enhancements have also allowed us to gain a competitive edge, attracting more visitors and potential customers to the Fine Food Specialist site.

Additionally, conversion optimisation strategies have further improved the site’s effectiveness, ultimately benefiting Fine Food Specialist’s bottom line. What’s more, our technological advancements not only resolved existing issues, but also positioned the website for future growth and scalability.

Rising to the challenge

The redesigned Fine Food Specialist website now offers an improved user experience, mobile optimisation, and SEO benefits, standing as a testament to our collective efforts and determination to overcome challenges in the pursuit of excellence.

These challenges faced by the Williams Commerce team, particularly in improving site performance, accessibility, and search functionality, pushed our expertise to the limit. But by addressing these challenges head-on and achieving our goals, we were able to not only improve the Fine Food Specialist website, but also enhance our own project management capabilities.






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