Shopify reveals new updates at Shopify Unite

Shopify Unite 2019 brought together Shopify’s partner and developer community.

With a series of announcements, updates and details on the company’s product roadmap coming out of the event in Toronto, Canada, we’ve put together this quick overview of what was unveiled.


Video and augmented reality on product pages is coming

Shopify is to add video and 3D updates to product pages, embracing augmented reality like never before. Augmented reality capabilities will be made available using 3D Warehouse, meaning customers will be able to engage with products on a merchant site in new ways. This media will all be manageable from a single location.


New Shopify POS features

Shopify has brought in a series of POS cart app extensions, including around loyalty and promotions. This will ultimately help enhance the customer experience thanks to better speed, visibility and customer appreciation levels.


Improved Interface for Shopify Plus

A new version of Shopify Plus will be released this year, making it easier for large retailers to manage multiple stores, users and automation from a single location. Dedicated insights will be delivered to users, while Shopify Flow will also be available within Shopify Plus. This allows users to copy flows across all their stores. The release of this new version is expected in the coming months.

Enhanced Page Management

Sections will now appear on every page of a Shopify site, making it easier for merchants to add or move content across their site.

Master Pages

This allows merchants to update a master of a certain type of page, and those updates to be reflected across all individual pages that fall under that type. This helps support continuity across a site.


Starting Points

This is a set content block template for pages. This will help make store setup a quicker process for merchants.


Content Portability and Drafts

Merchants will now be able to switch between themes without having to manually transfer content. Merchants will also now have the ability to draft changes to a Shopify site and see changes before publishing.


Multiple languages and currencies

Merchants can sell across multiple languages using translation APIs, Shop Locale API and Translations in GraphQL Admin API. Shopify Payments also enables multi-currency stores, covering GBP, AUD, CAD, EUR, HKD, JPY, NZD, DKK, SGD, and USD.


Headless Commerce

New headless commerce features allow merchants to manage content away from front-end delivery. This is done using APIs, meaning new customer journeys can be created without the constraints of a specific site design.


Admin advancements

Shopify has reworked the admin interface to increase ease of use. Admin is also now available in 11 new languages – Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Malay, Hindi, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Korean, and Thai.

A full list of new announcements from Shopify Unite is available here.

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