Google Marketing Live 2019: Key Takeaways

With Google Marketing Live 2019 taking place in San Francisco this week, what are the key takeaways for marketers and businesses from the event? What key announcements have been made and what do they mean?


We’ve picked out some of the biggest headlines here:

  • Google Discover now offers ad placement for brands. These ads can also be placed on YouTube’s home feed and the promotions tab in Gmail.
  • Google Ads mobile app can now send notifications about the performance of campaigns and potential opportunities.
  • Local ads will now have a host of new functionalities, including promoted pins. This will be done using AI as a way to work out the search intent of users.
  • Bumper ads is a new introduction to help marketers make video ads that are YouTube friendly.
  • Showcase shopping ads will be available in image search results, on YouTube and on Google Discover.
  • Campaign managers can now select what type of conversion is their key performance indicator. Be it sales, email signups, or some kind of registration, the choice is yours.

There’s a load of updates and more information available on the big headlines from Google Marketing live here.

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