Client: Skin Inc


Sector: Health and Beauty

Established in 2009, Skin Inc is a pioneer in customised skin care. With a presence in 78 cities across Asia, Europe and the United States, Skin Inc has been at the forefront of digital transformation within the skincare industry.

The company started in Singapore in 2009 with a disruptive concept around customisable skincare. Skin Inc used a digital SkinID quiz to diagnose customer skin conditions, and then recommended personalised products based on the unique skin needs of its customers.

Born digital, Skin Inc is proud to be a technology-led innovator and beauty disruptor that has been harnessing the use of big data and technology from the get go.

The second biggest innovation from Skin Inc is the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light. This product is equipped with 5 NASA-inspired LED Lights for customised, at-home skin treatment. These include Repair, Glow, Soothe, Optimize and V-Sculpt. Launched in 2016, the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light continues to be the company’s best-seller to this day.

Supporting a Digital Pioneer

Skin Inc was one of the first few companies in Singapore to launch its ecommerce website back in 2013 using Magento 

But in 2019, Skin Inc decided to move to Shopify Plus in order to support greater scalability and ease of operation. 

Skin Inc approached Williams Commerce to harness our expertise in Shopify Plus and digital marketing. This was with a view to optimising their ecommerce sites, as well as optimising return on ad spend across all its digital marketing channels. This includes paid social and pay-per-click. 

Working with Skin Inc, we delivered strategic ecommerce consultancy for the board of management.  

This included optimising website conversion, as well as making enhancements to the user experience and user interface. We also made ad-hoc website improvement projects as requested by the Skin Inc team.  

Our team also delivered digital marketing services to a high level. As well as paid social and PPC, we delivered search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation services. 

Jurada - MDD

Making Significant Progress

With such a global reach, the work of the Williams Commerce team has had a vast effect across Skin Inc’s many marketplaces, helping to bring about a variety of tangible benefits. 

We helped bring about a 350% improvement on revenue from paid search in the US market compared to the year previous.  

We also helped create a 104% increase on ROAS on Social paid against the year previous in the US, as well as a 47% reduction in paid social cost per action in the US.  

For the Skin Inc Singapore site, we enabled a 17% increase on conversion rate over the last three months. 

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  • 350% improvement on revenue from paid search vs. last year in the US 
  • 104% increase on ROAS on Social paid vs. last year in US 
  • 47% reduce in Social paid CPA in US 
  • 17% increase on conversion rate over last 3 months for Singapore site 

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