John Smedley Outlet launches new website on Magento

The John Smedley Outlet is the best place for customers to find discounted designer fashion items and take advantage of large reductions on excellent products from John Smedley – the company behind a superb selection of finely crafted knitwear garments.

To make it as easy as possible for visitors to get hold of great items, Williams Commerce worked with John Smedley Outlet to deliver a new website built on Magento 1.9.

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John Smedley outlet website on Magento 2

Starting from fresh

Previously, the John Smedley Outlet website ran on an older version of Magento and featured lots of different modules.

Rather than upgrading this existing version, the decision was taken by John Smedley Outlet to work with Magento Solutions Partner Williams Commerce to create a new ecommerce website that is more in line with their vision and specific needs.

The site now contains a clean set of modules and limited external modules, allowing for extra levels of efficiency to be reached. This also means that the third-party module count is now significantly lower.

john smedley outlet new website
john smedley outlet old website

Improved design and UX

The new website features a fresh look created by Williams Commerce’s expert web design team.

Not only is the new ecommerce website design now more aesthetically pleasing, but navigation is easier and more streamlined. This helps enable more visitors to the John Smedley Outlet website to become customers and take advantage of beautiful discounted knitwear and apparel.

A new branding was also introduced, helping to shape and enhance the company’s identity and potentially engender customer loyalty.

Improved design and UX

Quicker checkout

On the previous version of the John Smedley Outlet website, customers had to register in order to view and then purchase items. This was an inefficient system that limited the number of conversions taking place.

The design of the new website means that customers no longer have to register to see products, but only when they checkout.

Over time, this will help increase conversion rates and afford more people the chance to commit to an account with John Smedley Outlet as they have a better understanding of the offering and range of items.

The new website is also integrated with Prima software. This multi-channel service is delivered through PrimaNet and enables the accurate status of stock, prices, and promotions to be displayed, as well as the easier creation of customer accounts and enhanced overall website visibility.

Quicker checkout
john smedley outlet
john smedley outlet
john smedley outlet

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