Founded in 1988, IntroCar has more than 30 years of experience in the retail and production of specialist parts for Bentley and Rolls Royce luxury cars.

They are the world's foremost supplier of parts for all Rolls-Royce and Bentley models manufactured from 1945 to the present day. In recent years, the business has embarked upon an ambitious program of product manufacture and sourcing and now carry the largest range of new components outside Bentley Motors Limited.

Many enthusiasts rely on IntroCar to provide the perfect pieces for their car, allowing them to keep taking to the open road. Giving their customers the option to buy original parts from IntroCar with some even dating back to the 1940s, while also being able to offer new parts form their Prestige range. 

With a huge number of products available, IntroCar wanted a website that was able to provide both individual and trade customers with the service and usability they craved. They needed a new ecommerce platform solution that allowed the business to scale, extended functionality and freshened up the site design to allow the business to grow. 

Key objectives

  • Increase conversion whilst stabilising the site 
  • To create a new look site that is fully responsive with better customer engagement 
  • To deliver a solution with greater functionality that engages customers faster 
  • To deliver a new platform that will allow the business to scale and grow  
  • To integrate seamlessly to the Khaos Control back oce system 
  • To retain and improve the Lookbook method of shopping

Making the move to Adobe Commerce

The project was kickstarted with a large discovery piece to look at the UX and do a deeper technical review.  The objective would be that at the end of this stage we will have established all deliverables in more detail and finalise your scope. After this scope it was confirmed that Adobe Commerce was indeed the best platform for them. 

The previous IntroCar website was struggling to cope with the vast collection of products available. With more than 290,000 parts in their collection, IntroCar required a platform capable of dealing with the mammoth number of items on sale. 

To help meet the business’s digital requirements, Williams Commerce built a new website for IntroCar on the Adobe Commerce platform 

A highlight of the new IntroCar site is the hotspots feature. This allows visitors to zone in on a specific part of their vehicle, hover over the various parts that comprise it, and then click through to product pages to purchase items. Ensuring they buy the right product every time, improve UX and reduce returns. 


  • Moving to a new platform new to IntroCar - Adobe Commerce 
  • Seamless Integration of Khaos Control and Adobe Commerce 
  • Hotspot feature 
  • Vast amount of product on the website

Additional Functionality

The new IntroCar site is being hosted by Williams Commerce. This provides the capabilities to keep the online store operating effectively and offers the chance for buyers from around the world to get that perfect part for their luxury vehicle. 

Khaos Control was integrated to help administrators stay on top of the vast stock and product list IntroCar has. Other integrations include Trustpilot for reviews, Opayo for payments, and Mailchimp for marketing. IntroCar has also brought in the Williams Commerce Digital Marketing team to support its efforts in this space including PPC.

Real Example

Introducing a dedicated digital store for Prestige parts

The parts IntroCar makes themselves form the Prestige range. As part of the IntroCar project, work has commenced on a specific ecommerce website for this brand. 

This new website will exclusively stock IntroCar’s Prestige parts, and is currently under construction. The launch is scheduled for 2022.

Our new IntroCar website on Adobe Commerce will help us to reach more of our prospective client base, while also removing many manual processes that were laborious for our team,” said John Tupper, Managing Director, IntroCar. “The new site will make it easier for enthusiasts to access the original Rolls Royce and Bentley parts they seek, while also having the option of buying them from our Prestige range. The Prestige brand website is also a very exciting project for us to help us establish our own range and give it a dedicated home. We are very confident these projects will stand us in good stead for the future.” 

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