Achieving 2014% average ROAS from paid search campaigns

Evolution Organics are an ecommerce retailer who specialises in natural and organic supplements and other products from a variety of popular, international brands.

They partnered with Williams Commerce in 2016, when we initially built them a new Magento ecommerce website, and then started our digital marketing service to help the business accelerate growth online via different channels, including PPC.

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Taking PPC performance to the next level

Taking PPC performance to the next level

Whilst the Google Ads account had a fairly good performance when we took it over in 2016, there was more that could be done to take it to the next level, as we often experienced inconsistent revenue levels and a return on ad spend (ROAS) beneath the 1,000% target that we had.

In September 2017, we started working on a new strategy to help us reach our main objectives: keep ROAS above 1,000%, whilst significantly increasing revenue.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of the business, we had to operate in a highly competitive market, where big brands with more resources are generally competing for the same ad space.

We also had to overcome the fact that there is a strong brand reliance in the industry, with customers looking for well-known stores to make their purchases.

Our Approach

Looking at historical performance and having experimented with all sorts of ad formats, we decided that to achieve our goals, the best fit would be applying a new strategy for our Search campaigns.

ppc challenge

Applying a data-driven strategy

First, we developed an advanced bid scheduling, which would enable campaigns to target specific audiences at the right time. This was created based on performance data collated from Google Analytics.

In addition to this, we also implemented ongoing Search campaign experiments, testing Target CPA versus Manual CPC bidding, to determine which option was optimal for each campaign.

Monitoring Success

We’ve also been conducting monthly in-depth reporting via Google Data Studio to monitor progress over time and measure success levels each month, which we share with the Evolution Organics team.

Applying a data-driven strategy


Since implementing our new strategy for the Search campaigns in September 2017, we’ve maintained a direct ROAS over the 1,000% target, averaging at 1,369% for the whole account, whilst seeing significant improvements in revenue.

Furthermore, Search campaigns accounted for 46% of the Google Ads revenue, proving to be the best performing type of Google Ads campaigns. We’ve also achieved an average ROAS of 2,014% for the Search Campaigns since the new strategy was implemented.


We have been working with Williams Commerce for a couple...

of years now. They are a highly competent multi-discipline agency, meaning they are able to effectively manage a number of our technical and marketing requirements in a joined-up and professional manner. This in turn has allowed us to better concentrate on our core business, knowing that we are in a safe pair of hands

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