EFG Housewares is the UK’s largest wholesaler, with a phenomenal selection of 70,000 items available to buy in bulk.

With product ranges covering everything from giftware to electrical items, toiletries to partyware, hundreds of businesses up and down the country line their shelves with items from EFG Housewares.

For a number of years, EFG Housewares has been working with Williams Commerce and harnessing our SEO and PPC services to help advance their online presence and attract new business.

Services: SEO, PPC

An ongoing relationship

Williams Commerce has helped us truly enhance our online offering, reaching a wider audience and allowing us to advance as a business. Their strategic thinking, guidance and expertise has allowed EFG Housewares to acquire more custom, and the statistics speak for themselves.

Daniel Irving Sales Manager, EFG Housewares

What we delivered

EFG Housewares

A Long-Term Relationship

Williams Commerce has been working with EFG Housewares since 2012, delivering SEO and PPC services to this leading wholesaler.

Throughout this time, our digital marketing team has outlined and implemented a long-term SEO strategy. This is aligned with sets of keywords that are relevant to the varied range of products that EFG Housewares sells.

Continuous Improvement

As part of our SEO strategy, we targeted keywords that not only covered the selection of products EFG stocks, but also wholesale variants of these terms.

This list was regularly reviewed and updated, allowing us to grow the pool of keywords that are ranking high over time.

In 2018, we helped EFG Housewares achieve a 21% YoY increase in organic traffic and a 48% YoY increase in organic revenue thanks to our SEO work.

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Driving Registrations with PPC

Pay-per-click was also used as a channel to help acquire new customers. This focused primarily on achieving new registrations on the EFG Housewares website.

“We looked to secure new registrations through targeted messages that were tailored to specific audiences to drive high relevance,” said Yasser Mohammed, PPC and SEO Manager at Williams Commerce. “Once registered, customers were then approached through remarketing ads. These focused on driving purchases and maintaining customers.”

As part of our ongoing PPC work, in 2018, we helped EFG achieve a 40% YoY increase in PPC revenue.

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