There are certain occasions on the calendar where it is right to show our love and affection for somebody close to us. 

When Mother’s Day arrives, it presents a great chance to show our mothers how much we appreciate them.

Mother’s Day is celebrated differently around the world. In Singapore in 2021, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday 9th May. That means that as a retailer in the Singapore market, now is the time to ensure you have everything in place to enable great sales this Mother’s Day.

Williams Commerce is an award-winning Singapore-based ecommerce agency. As such, we are in a great position to advise on what ecommerce businesses can do to enhance their sales this Mother’s Day.

Here are our top 5 tips to ensure that your business makes the most of the opportunities out there. Take a look at our ecommerce checklist for Mother’s Day 2021.



Promote, promote, promote!

First on our checklist is to ensure that you promote any deals, offers or special products in an effective way.

You want to appeal to the people that will be buying these gifts for their own mothers. This means that everybody from teenagers to young adults to older adults will be in the market for a Mother’s Day gift.

This should be reflected in the approach you take to your promotion strategy. Social media is a great way to engage with younger people, while reaching your full audience might need more outside-the-box thinking.

When looking to appeal to older audiences, look to ensure that their online and offline experience is a positive one. Customers of all ages want a retailer they feel they can trust and rely on again in the future, so look to achieve this with customers this Mother’s Day.



Gift cards

A gift card for a mother on mother’s day

Sometimes people will struggle to know exactly what to buy for their Mother. So by creating gift card options, you give them the chance to allow their mother to make that decision.

Look to ensure that terms and conditions are clear and that any instructions for recipients are easy to follow. Also aim to include strong branding on both physical and digital gift cards, while you could also potentially include product suggestions in the information that comes with the gift card upon receiving it.





Create Mother’s Day Bundles

Tailoring a product to the specific requirements of your customer base for a given event is always a good idea. As such, if you are able to put together a collection of items that could be marketed as a Mother’s Day bundle, that could help increase sales substantially.

What this does is eliminate the need for your customers to browse and make a decision around what to buy. You give them a tangible and actionable product that ticks the boxes that need to be ticked as soon as they see it.

Tailoring your range to make shopping from you as easy as possible is no bad thing, so this is definitely worth considering this Mother’s Day.



A Mother’s Day gift for buyers

That personal touch

If you are able to provide personalised products, this can be a really advantageous offering come Mother’s Day.  

Giving your customers the option to add personalised messages and sentiments to items can help deliver a heightened user experience. You can also add more generalised messaging options, giving your customers every opportunity to send out the message they want. 

Personalisation in products can also be reflected in a personalised shopping experience. Customers may well prove more susceptible to personalised product suggestions and other items that may be suitable for an event such as Mother’s Day.  



Keep the buying process simple

A woman smiling while buying a Mother’s Day gift


The last thing you want as an online retailer is for your sale to fail at the last hurdle. This means keeping your sales process simple and effective is the best bet.  

Optimise your buying options if possible, and provide shoppers with all the information they need to make a positive decision. 

Information around delivery for example will be very important here, particularly if people have left it late to buy something for their mother on Mother’s Day! Having clear information around arrival dates will provide those trust points that can turn shoppers into buyers. 



Get your ecommerce right this Mother’s Day

We hope you have found this checklist for Mother’s Day 2021 to be of use.  

Williams Commerce has a rich history of working with companies to enhance their ability to sell online. We build ecommerce stores for businesses, as well as offering digital strategy and digital marketing services. 

If you want to take your ecommerce offering to new levels, simple contact the Williams Commerce team to start a conversation.