Google PPC – What’s New?

In the PPC space, Google is typically at the forefront of what’s going on. So when they make changes to their PPC service, it’s worth knowing about.

A couple of important changes will be coming into play in the next few months. We have rounded up what you need to know in our latest blog.

Digital Service Tax

Google is introducing a surcharge in key locations as part of new legislation on digital services. 

These key locations include Austria, France, India, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the UK. In the UK, a 2% digital service tax fee will be added to Google PPC account invoices or statements. In the other locations, a 2% Regulatory Operating Cost will be added with the exception of Austria, which will see a 5% digital service tax fee added. 

The charges are set to be introduced on 1st October 2021. 

Suspensions and 3-strike system

Google is also changing their system for suspensions and disapprovals for advertisers who violate Google Ads policies.  

The policies affected are enabling dishonest behaviour, unapproved substances, guns, weapons, explosives, and tobacco. More are likely to be added over time. 

Advertisers who continuously break these policies will initially receive a warning, before punishment being escalated to three-day account hold, seven-day account hold, and finally a full account suspension until appealed. Strikes can be appealed for removal, but will otherwise disappear after 90 days. 

This is being rolled out on 21st September 2021 and will be ramped up over time. 

Though most advertisers will not be affected by this, it is important to be attentive and vigilant in areas where Google (either correctly or in error) flag up advert and product disapprovals.  

Staying on the ball with Google PPC

Any retailer or online seller that uses Google PPC should know about these changes and plan and make any necessary changes. 

If you are looking for expert PPC advice, guidance and services, the Williams Commerce PPC team can help.  

Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about our PPC services or wider digital marketing offering.


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