Google Launches Free Google Attribution

Google announced in May 2017 its intention to offer a free version of Google Attribution.

Firstly, let’s deal with what Attribution is in layman’s terms.  The attribution model is a set of rules that determines how and when the credit for conversions and sales is determined during each touchpoint through a buyer’s conversion path.

Previously, the Last Interaction model in Google Analytics assigns 100% of the credit to the final clicks that directly precedes a conversion or a sale.

The issue with this model, is that it pretty much ignores any other touch point that might include email, display impressions, generic ads that supported the last click before conversion, which means marketers are unable to analyse the contributions of these advertising efforts throughout a prospective buyer’s journey through the sales funnel.

Now, with the promised introduction of Google Attribution free version, PPC marketers will be able to gain much better insights and understanding of the full customer journey as opposed to being limited to only looking at last click impact.  The ability to incorporate Google Attribution data into automated bidding strategies will provide useful data for marketers, without the need to add any additional tags to sites.

Google Attribution supports the data driven model released in 2013, which uses machine learning to assign a credit to each touch point along a conversion funnel.  There are some criteria which accounts must have to use it however, including a minimum of 15,000 clicks and at least 600 conversions in a 30-day period.

Google Attribution is now in beta mode and the Williams Commerce marketers are looking forward to seeing this rolled out over the coming months.


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