Ecommerce replatforming guide

Are you looking to carry out an ecommerce replatform? With expertise in the Singapore market, Williams Commerce can help you reach your goals. In conjunction with BigCommerce we have put together a useful replatforming guide to help you get started.


As an online retailer in a busy global market, you need to have a digital presence that helps you move ahead of the competition. 

An ecommerce platform should deliver efficiency, effectiveness and an ability to cater to customer needs in a flexible way. But some are better placed to meet modern demand than others.  

BigCommerce is a leading ecommerce platform seeing huge traction across the world. great fit for businesses making US$1 million or more in sales per year, BigCommerce typically offers a lower total cost of ownership than other comparable ecommerce platforms.  

Retailers and organisations across the world are embracing BigCommerce, and for companies in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region, the opportunities are substantial 

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