Magento Open Source (formerly Magento Community) offers the most flexible and scalable ecommerce platform for startup and growing online retailers.

In our view, Magento Open Source is an ideal step up for businesses doing up to £3 million a year online.

Feature rich, a huge community of experts worldwide, easy to extend and enhance through thousands of extensions there is nothing more powerful than Magento for small to medium sized businesses growing online.

Learn more about how Williams Commerce have extended core Magento Open Source functionality to build B2B ecommerce sites for wholesalers, or simple startup retail ecommerce websites for growing businesses online.

So whether you are starting online or an established retailer or wholesaler Magento Open Source could be right for you. In addition to Magento Open Source design and build services, Williams Commerce also offer marketing, hosting, integration and consulting services.

Marques Almeida

The website was built using Magento Open Source and was designed and developed based on unconventional layouts that effectively showcase both seasonal collections and ‘journals’ of each season – including the ability to embed Instagram posts and video content.

Each season can be set up using 1 of 3 templates, and the flexibility of how these were built allows a different look and feel between each season, creating the feeling of more space on certain layouts.

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Athlete King

The Magento platform offers Athlete King the flexibility and functionality they need to grow and scale their business. “We’re delighted to have our new ecommerce store open for business.” Comments founder Nathan Selcon. “We’ve put a great deal of thought and effort into creating an online presence that now strongly portrays the ethos of our business.”

The new Athlete King website is filled with ways for visitors to connect with the business. Features include Find a Gym, a built in loyalty scheme, an online chat facility, professional advice pages and a store locator, web visitors are presented with a variety of ways to start their online shopping journey.

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