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Stone Tile Company has a career spanning over 25years, designing and specifying tiles. 
This leading online retailer of tiling solutions for homes and businesses has been a client of Williams Commerce for over four years.

"Simplify the processes and platforms currently used to maintain and manage our website infrastructure across the full suite of Group websites."

15.6% Growth in Web Traffic

Revenue up by 88.5%

459.2% increase in conversion rate


One company we have a long-standing relationship with is Stone Tile Company. This leading online retailer of tiling solutions for homes and businesses has been a client of Williams Commerce for few years.  

We helped Stone Tile Company transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2 back in 2017, and since then have been driving heir digital performance forward through a combination of digital marketing services, including SEO and PPC. 

To help further this, we engaged with Stone Tile Company to deliver a strategic approach to Paid Social advertising, across Facebook and Instagram. 

They say content is king, and for long-term Williams Commerce client Stone Tile Company, content has been a leading force when it comes to attracting people to its website. 

  • Stone Tile Company began their online 
    on Adobe Commerce 1 
  • Williams Commerce recommended upgradationto Adobe Commerce 2, increasing functionality & capabilities:
  • Increased performance speed
  • Merchandising flexibility
  • Functionality to evolve brand online
  • Williams Commerce was engaged to:
    • Implement Adobe Commerce 2
    • Improve UX design & increase conversion rates
    • incorporate intelligent functionality
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Back in early 2019, we initiated a Paid Social strategy with Stone Tile Company to help take their social media efforts to new levels. As part of this, we led a complete integration of Facebook Product Catalogue to make Stone Tile Company’s Magento products available through Facebook ads and other services.

We investigated this aspect for Stone Tile Company. We found their audience is very much comprised of people looking for products to support with their home improvement projects, and people who have a general love for home interiors. While the tiles themselves are of course very important, placing the company’s products within the wider context of home improvement and refurbishment is more closely aligned with typical search queries and customer needs. 

Additionally, the visual element of Stone Tile Company’s range needed to be incorporated into the content strategy. The products the company sells appeal to the discerning eye of buyers, so placing tiles within the context of a wider vision for customers was crucial.

  • Williams Commerce analyzed the target audienceto ensure an optimal online experience
  • Customer requirements and UX best-practices were used to achieve a polished and streamlined shopping experience for all users
  • New Adobe Commerce 2 store developed, incorporating:
    • multi-select product filters
    • easy funnelsearchto short-list product selection
    • Integration with Trust Pilotfor customer rating


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  • 15.6%YoY increase in web traffic
  • 88.5% YoYincrease in e-Commerce revenue
  • 459.2% YoY increase in e-Commerce conversion rate
  • The project won theUK e-Commerce awards 2019






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