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Stone Tile Company – Content Marketing Case Study

If you are a retailer with a truly special set of products, being able to showcase your range in an engaging way is key to making the sales you want.

15.6% Growth in Web Traffic

15.6% Growth in Web Traffic

459.2% increase in conversion rate

Marketing is all about getting your brand and your products in front of the right type of potential customer. But different industries and product ranges require different approaches. 

Having a deep understanding of the interests of potential buyers can set you on the right path to digital marketing success. And one of the most important avenues to consider is content marketing. 

They say content is king, and for long-term Williams Commerce client Stone Tile Company, content has been a leading force when it comes to attracting people to its website. 

Understanding the audience

A key element of successful content marketing is understanding who it is you are writing for. If your blogs are not tailored to your potential audience, and not meeting their needs or answering their questions, the chances are your content will be ineffective. 

We looked into this aspect for Stone Tile Company. We found their audience is very much comprised of people looking for products to support with their home improvement projects, and people who have a general love for home interiors. While the tiles themselves are of course very important, placing the company’s products within the wider context of home improvement and refurbishment is more closely aligned with typical search queries and customer needs. 

Additionally, the visual element of Stone Tile Company’s range needed to be incorporated into the content strategy. The products the company sells appeal to the discerning eye of buyers, so placing tiles within the context of a wider vision for customers was crucial.  

A consistent, collaborative approach


We decided that consistent blogging that presented Stone Tile Company as an authority in the field was the right approach to take with this client.  

As an initial step, our content marketing team produced a content plan for Stone Tile Company. This was populated by regular blogs, which were delivered to be checked and approved by the Stone Tile Company team on a monthly basis. Once the client was satisfied with each blog, it was uploaded to the Stone Tile Company website and ready to do its thing. Our team works very closely with Stone Tile Company to ensure that the right products and ranges are being targeted as part of this ongoing content marketing effort. 

The Stone Tile Company team plays a very active role in keeping the Williams Commerce team up to date with the latest trends within the tiling industry. This helps our team write SEO-friendly, informative content on a consistent basis. Stone Tile Company also informs us of any new launches within their range, while certain blogs focus on practical factors. This has included blogs on topics such as tile installation for example, while other blogs have aimed to answer specific questions the Stone Tile Company team regularly hear from current and potential customers. 

Stone Tile Company has also recently utilised its strong social media presence to create blogs with home interiors influencers. This has enabled the Stone Tile Company brand name to reach more people online. And with imagery being so important in promoting this type of product, the Stone Tile Company team provides exquisite photography of its products within kitchen, bathroom, living or outdoor areas to support the blogs. The Williams Commerce team incorporates these images into the content and provides important alt tags to enable users with accessibility challenges to understand what each image is displaying. This is also excellent from an SEO perspective, and the strong imagery makes each blog much more shareable. 

Achieving impressive results

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Achieving impressive results

This concerted, collaborative effort between Williams Commerce and Stone Tile Company led to a significant increase in reader numbers on the Stone Tile Company blog throughout 2021. The blog saw a 102% year-on-year (YoY) increase in visits in 2021, with a 116% YoY increase in unique pageviews. The average time on page for the blog increased by 57% YoY in 2021, while the blog’s bounce rate dropped by 29% YoY – testament to the engaging content that was produced. 

Importantly, entrances to the Stone Tile Company blog increased by 138% YoY. This means that more than twice as many people discovered and entered the Stone Tile Company website via the blog in 2021 than in 2020. Once on the site and reading the copy, the chances of a visitor browsing through the product range and completing a purchase naturally increase significantly, so this is a real benefit for the client.  

“It’s great to have found a partner who understands our customers and delivers high-quality content,” said Katie Jenkin, Owner of Stone Tile Company. “Our partnership and content marketing strategy certainly achieves great results.” 

With a great working relationship in place and a solid foundation to build on, 2022 looks set to be another excellent year for the Stone Tile Company blog. 

Visit our content marketing page to find out more about our offering in this space. And if you have any questions, contact the Williams Commerce team. We would be delighted to speak with you. 






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