Leading packaging company grow their B2B ecommerce revenue by 20%

We worked with a leading packaging provider to grow revenue through their Digital Roadmap, Paid Search and Paid Social.

20% Increase in revenue for IE website

1,130% ROAS from Paid Social

25% Increase in UK users


We first partnered with a leading packaging provider back in 2018 to build a new Adobe Commerce website. 

Since the new website launched, Williams Commerce has continued to work with the packaging company to deliver a digital roadmap including continuous development and Digital Marketing services to grow online in the UK and Ireland   

When planning the digital roadmap for this brand, the team assigned a number of key objectives they wanted to achieve in the digital space across their three websites. The objectives included enabling commercial growth, improving the customer experience and customer journeys, and driving account openings.  

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Approach - Digital Marketing

The first step to increasing revenue for the ecommerce websites was to begin advertising products through Paid Search and Paid Social. Our Digital Marketing team launched Google Ads Search campaigns targeting key products and locations to support with lead generation and a Pmax campaign to grow ecommerce sales.

Following the successful set up of the Google Ads campaigns, our Paid Search team progressed to Microsoft Ads which targeted a smaller and more niche B2B audience. Paid Search has been pivotal in reaching ecommerce sales, growing brand awareness and remarketing to users still in the decision cycle.

The final step was to launch Paid Social which was initially tested in the UK but is now being rolled out to the Ireland store. Paid Social has allowed the brand to reach a new audience and target them through three stages of the funnel, which has resulted in a return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) of over 1,000%.

Approach - Digital Roadmap

A digital roadmap – an action plan with regular performance reviews against KPIs, was created to ensure that tangible progress was being made to achieve the packaging company’s online goals.

While the Digital Marketing work has been essential to reaching new customers and driving traffic, our team have also worked on the continuous development and optimisation of the Adobe website. A key success has been the introduction of a new mega menu to enhance the site’s navigation and deliver an improved user experience. As a result, our team have seen a 2.5% year-on-year increase in conversion rate.

Whilst we continued to drive traffic, optimising the user experience (UX) on site has been vital to minimise wasting paid traffic. This work included custom development to enhance the user experience across the website.

Operating a B2B business can be complex. Through combining their experience with innovative solutions, our team make operations easier. From implementing changes to website reporting to extracting product pricing data, enabling custom pricing and making enhancements to the export/import process on the site, we have removed complexities to streamline any administration.


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Digital Roadmap 

 Digital Marketing 

 Paid Search (PPC)

 Paid Social

 Ecommerce Development

 User Experience (UX) design 


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  • 25% increase in UK users  
  • 45% increase in conversion rate on Ireland site 
  • 20% increase in revenue on Ireland site 
  • 1,130% ROAS from Paid Social 
  • 450% ROAS from Google Ads 


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