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Fine Food Specialist – PPC Case Study

Our objective for 2018 was clear – achieve 25% growth for the website, but on the PPC side we received a challenge to maintain and continue to grow revenue levels, at a more profitable rate. Learn how we worked to exceed these expectations.


"Achieving 998% average ROAS in 2018 from PPC "

The partnership between Fine Food Specialist, an inspirational London-based online retailer specialising in high quality produce, and Williams Commerce began in 2014.

Since then we’ve been delivering a series of services including PPCSEOPaid SocialCRO and more, working closely together with their team and other suppliers and forging a strong, long-term partnership with the purpose of helping the company accelerate their growth online.

Services: Digital Marketing, PPC, SEO, Paid Social, CRO

The challenge

Our objective for 2018 was clear – achieve 25% growth for the website, but on the PPC side we received a challenge to maintain and continue to grow revenue levels, at a more profitable rate.

This ambitious growth plan was set in the context of an expanding sector, experiencing increases in lower-priced American imports and frozen goods shippers, especially those trading on Amazon, transforming the sector into a far more competitive landscape.


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The approach

First, we created a digital marketing strategy for 2018 examining the role each channel would play in achieving the overall target. From a PPC perspective, we used historical performance data and previously identified seasonal trends to plan ahead key campaigns throughout the year, monitoring the account closely against our expectations.

An integrated digital marketing strategy

We’ve also been working alongside other channels such as Paid Social and Email Marketing to ensure a joined up, truly integrated Digital Marketing strategy, and making the most of 3rd party tools implemented on the website, which deliver more in-depth audience data.

This approach enabled us not only to deliver consistent messages across different online channels but also to increase the relevancy of those messages to the people who would see them.

However, as Fine Food Specialist provide such a wide range of products, some of which are in season at different times, we also split the PPC campaigns based on product categories and we regularly monitor impression share, the number of impressions and ROAS (return on ad spend) of each of those campaigns on a last 14/30 days basis. As we see items come into season, we then turn up the spend accordingly, to ensure that the overall budget is spent in the most effective manner.

Monitoring success

In addition to the close monitoring of the product category-based campaigns, we also report on the performance of the entire PPC account monthly, looking at success levels over time, as part of our comprehensive monthly Google Data Studio reports which analyse performance for the entire website.

Whilst PPC performance is important on its own, we ensure to put it into perspective and look at the bigger context for the whole business and how all the activities we perform influence it in a positive way.

The result

Results have been positive so far this year (2018), with the website seeing an overall uplift of 17% for January – May 2018 revenue compared to the same period last year, and PPC, in particular, seeing a 22% year-on-year growth in revenue.

Since February, we’ve managed to maintain higher revenue levels for PPC each month, against a lower or similar spend, which has also resulted in a significantly improved ROAS for the entire account, which averaged at 998% for this year so far, versus ~650% the year before.

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