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Find out how we helped Direct Vacuums to accelerate online growth and drive sales for the business via their newly launched website.


"Helping Direct Vacuums Grow From The Beginning "

Direct Vacuums are the only authorised UK reseller of refurbished and new brand name vacuums and other home appliances available at a fraction of the price of high street shops. Back in 2015, the company chose Williams Commerce to help them take their business further online after we successfully launched their first ecommerce store in April 2015.

Ever since, our marketing strategy which combined SEO efforts with PPC and social media, has helped the business establish itself in a competitive market and become the go-to supplier for refurbished appliances, with ecommerce sales reaching over half a million pounds in less than 2 years.

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Direct Vaccums PPC Case Study


After being already active on Amazon and eBay, Direct Vacuums wanted to accelerate online growth and drive sales for the business via their newly launched ecommerce website. The main objectives for the first 2 years were to:

  • Establish a strong online presence and raise brand awareness
  • Accelerate traffic growth
  • Drive revenue increase, reaching a target of £50k/month from website sales in Q3 2016.
  • Achieve at least £5:£1 (500%) ROAS (return on advertising spend) for PPC


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SEO Strategy & Results

In order to start raising brand awareness and driving traffic to the website, the first months of marketing efforts were dedicated towards ensuring the website was optimised according to SEO best-practices and filling it with high quality, engaging onsite content which was is also SEO friendly.

The constant SEO efforts were rewarded within the 1st year since the website was launched, with the website ranking in position 1 in Google search results for ‘refurbished vacuum cleaners’ as early as March 2016, a position which was maintained ever since.

After ensuring the website was starting to rank in search results and seeing Organic traffic grow over time (YOY results for January 2017 show a 42% on-year growth in Organic traffic), we started diverting some of our marketing efforts towards Outreach and Social Media.

From setting up the social media channels and managing social media marketing, to implementing seasonal marketing campaigns which combined social advertising with competitions hosted on Facebook, we’ve used social media as a channel for driving brand awareness, traffic and sales to the website. Within one year of starting social media activity for Direct Vacuums we achieved a growth of 2k likes for the Facebook audience, as well as seeing an increase in social traffic and revenue.

Making progress with PPC

After developing a bespoke PPC strategy for Direct Vacuums which focused on driving revenue and making the account profitable fast, we decided to launch a series of Google Ads campaigns. We implemented a combination of PLAs (product listing ads) from Google Shopping which have proved to be extremely successful for driving revenue with smaller text and display campaigns that have a main purpose of driving brand awareness.

We started running Google Ads campaigns in July 2015 and by October 2015 we surpassed the original objective of achieving £5:£1 ROAS, with the account bringing in £10.69:£1 from PPC for that month and maintaining the ROAS over £5:£1 ever since. Since then, PPC has also remained the main source of revenue for the website, constantly bringing in around 65-70% of site-wide sales.




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