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The Road to Success – Accelerated Growth for Motorcycle Gear Retailer Bike Stop

"We are probably one of their smallest clients but don’t feel small with the attention, speed of responses and most important the results we get!”

The company has an online presence via its ecommerce website, as well as a 3,000 sq ft store in Stevenage.

The company is known for the high levels of passion and knowledge its staff have, as well as its broad product range, which includes the leading manufacturers in the field, including Dainese, RST, Shoei, Arai, AGV and many more.

Accelerating Online Growth Organically

Bike Stop operates a website running on the Magento platform, which was originally built by Flint, part of the Williams Commerce Group. From this website, the company provides customers from across the UK and further afield with its extensive product range.

In 2016, with the aim of growing its online business, Bike Stop turned to Williams Commerce to deliver a full-suite of digital marketing services, including SEO.

In order to achieve Bike Stop’s ambitious growth targets in a highly competitive market, our team of digital marketers and SEO experts worked together with the Bike Stop team to devise a data-driven strategy, aligned to specific monthly goals for the website.


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Our Approach

First, our technical SEO specialists conducted a comprehensive website audit to identify any areas that had to be optimised or issues that needed to be fixed, to ensure the website was easily crawlable by search engine.

We’ve combined the technical SEO agenda with deep keyword research to identify the best keyword set, structured by user intent and keyword clusters, to target over the coming 12-18 months with the aim of improving rankings across both desktop and mobile, and therefore growing Organic traffic.

This research coupled with detailed competitor analysis provided the foundation for a new digital marketing and SEO strategy which featured a clear action plan for achieving our Organic performance goals over the next year, taking into account what was also commercially-viable for Bike Stop, and prioritising opportunity areas that would have the biggest impact for the website.

This included the continuous production of optimised on-site content, as well as regular technical SEO health checks and serving proactive recommendations to the Bike Stop team to assist with not only improving SEO efforts, but also overall growth for the business.


Delivering a Strategic Marketing Mix

As SEO can take longer to deliver results and we wanted to accelerate online growth as soon as possible, we’ve also launched a series of PPC campaigns to help enhance visibility of Bike Stop’s brand, as well as implementing non-brand advertising both nationally and locally. This included working with the company to identify areas where potential profit could be achieved, as well as having a complete strategy which would complement the SEO work.

We’ve also looked at what other channels could benefit the company and helped Bike Stop continue to grow by adding Paid Social to the mix to further increase brand awareness and target key audiences such as basket abandoners to improve online sales.

Furthermore, our team of CRO experts also conducted a Conversion Rate Optimisation analysis including recommendations in order of priority and expected impact that would feed the development agenda and contribute towards improving the ecommerce conversion rate, and therefore overall website sales.

The Results

Our SEO efforts started to show positive results after only a few months, with 2017 seeing excellent growth compared to the previous year of 86% year-on-year increase in Organic traffic and a 116% year-on-year growth in Organic revenue.

After a successful 2017, the positive trends continued into 2018. Further year-on-year growth for organic traffic has been recorded in 2018, with the website seeing a 53% year-on-year increase in Organic traffic and 13% year-on-year rise in Organic revenue between January and September 2018.

This has been achieved despite noticeably changing consumer behaviours, and anomalies such as unusual weather affecting sales across the board for 2018.

Keyword rankings have also continued to gradually improve across both desktop and mobile throughout 2018, supporting the Organic traffic growth.






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