Why Rethinking Omnichannel Is In Order

Giving your customers access to all of your products across all of your sales channels, from in-store to online and social media, was once a dream.

For some businesses, it became a nightmare, due to the complexity of their product range and the expectations of their customers. The challenges include consistency, coordination and cost.

One solution is to integrate your enterprise systems with your ecommerce and marketing channels. This can give you a single view of customer and product data and help to deliver a consistent customer experience. But you can go further.

A one commerce world

By taking a strategic approach you can combine your digital and physical business worlds and use technology to increase your sales. With a solution like Magento Order Management, for example, you can create a single approach for orders, inventory management and fulfillment without re-engineering your whole business.

An effective purpose-built order management system can capture the details of your orders from multiple sources. You can create rules to organise how orders are fulfilled from your available inventory. You can also coordinate with stores, distributors and other systems and processes to deliver the best possible delivery options for you and your customers.


Being everywhere

By rethinking ‘omnichannel’ you can deliver a genuinely consistent and engaging customer experience at any and every point of contact.

This means that your customers can seamlessly view your whole product range online and buy in-store, choose and order in-store for home delivery or research on social media and add to their shopping cart for a later decision. At the same time, you can send highly relevant promotional offers, monitor stock levels and review distribution.



Every year businesses lose money because of overstocking, running out of stock and having to handle returns because the wrong products were despatched or they were damaged during delivery.

75% of retailers don’t have an accurate view of their in-store stock levels or what they hold in warehouses. With an effective order management system you can have an accurate view of your inventory, including everything that is held by your retail and distribution partners.

A genuine omnichannel approach will give you and your customers a real-time view of availability and the progress of every order. You can deliver a much more engaging customer experience and increase satisfaction. You will also improve efficiency and save money.


Up to two-thirds of customers will research their purchases online. If you have a retail business, this can include options at tills and in-store kiosks. Your customers won’t want to find different prices or product options on different channels.

Forrester says that consistent access to your entire product range will not only improve customer experience, it will also increase in-store sales by up to 10%.

Whatever your type of business, your sales team will be expected to have access to the latest prices, offers and availability. A solution like mSeller, for example, makes a printed catalogue a thing of the past. With just an iPad, your sales team can navigate your product range easily, showcase your special offers, place orders and print confirmations.

Customer loyalty


With a complete view of previous search, purchase and delivery histories across all your channels you have access to an invaluable source of data. In general terms you can learn more about preferences and trends. You can also make tailored and valuable offers to your existing customers to build deep, long-term loyalty.

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