Why eCommerce brands should advertise on Amazon

Amazon didn’t become one of the world’s largest businesses in the world without being one of the fastest growing. In the last year Amazon Ads reported +44% growth, with eCommerce businesses of all sizes, all over the world choosing the platform for their needs.  

Product Ads

Product ads are the primary ad-type for Amazon ads. Driven by 1st party user data, keywords, products, and product categories, these ads are similar to “shopping” ads from Google, but feature a wider range of targeting options, allow for a real diversity in strategy. Product ads are designed to increase sales and attract traffic to product pages. 

  • Want to replicate your Google Shopping strategy? Entirely possible.
  • Want to use entirely automated targeting, requiring little micromanagement? Not a problem.

The possibilities are endless. With comprehensive A/B testing features, you’ll always have room to experiment and find new opportunities. It only takes a matter of minutes to reate and launch your first campaign and begin promoting specific products. Sponsored product ads are available to all professional sellers and vendors. 

Sponsored Brands

eCommerce brands using Amazon Ads have access to features beyond what a typical seller might have. If your brand is registered with Amazon, you can gain access to a new type of ad, Sponsored Brands. Sponsored brands are excellent for creating brand awareness, with the ad leading to your Amazon Storefront or custom landing page. This gives you a unique opportunity.

While typically on Amazon, a user is engaged by a wide range of products and offerings. Sponsored Brand ads gives you relatively complete control over the user experience – show off your products as you please. Sponsored brand ads are designed to boost brand awareness and increase sales across the entire catalogue.

Perfect Intent 

Your products are ready on the Amazon marketplace. You’ve created a few ad campaigns to support them, now all you have to do is wait for the first customers to transact. You shouldn’t be waiting long. Amazon’s users have very high purchase intent. While Google Shopping ads might be clicked by someone learning about a product for the first time, Amazon’s userbase has amongst the highest purchase intent for any platform, generating stronger conversion rates and returns.  

Amazon Ads performance speaks for itself, with many years of consistent growth, both its customers and itself. Businesses who have already explored and capitalised on opportunities from Google, Facebook and other platforms are now looking to Amazon to find new customers. 

Williams Commerce offers a comprehensive Amazon Ads service, including strategy and on-going management. Get in touch today, let’s discuss how we can support your growth with Amazon Ads.  


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