Shopify Plus & NetSuite Integration

Shopify Plus and NetSuite integration

If you have digitally transformed your large-scale, high-volume business operations during the last two years you are probably looking for a way to consolidate your achievements. 

To maintain the best levels of customer service and remain resilient your growing business needs to share real-time insights across all your operations from data in your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This will allow you to adapt more quickly, make better decisions, and improve your performance. 

Around the world more than 10,000 businesses use Shopify Plus; many of them have up-scaled from their original standard Shopify platform and are now ready for the next stage in their evolution.  

If you are considering Shopify Plus for your business or you’re already a user, you’ll be pleased to know that Shopify’s Global ERP Program now allows you to integrate Oracle’s NetSuite with your ecommerce platform. Created with the support of Shopify’s Partner Solutions Engineering Team, you can be confident your solution will deliver a high standard of performance and user experience. 

Your integration can now be achieved without third-party implementation, providing a centralized system to connect your ecommerce platform with key business data including your financial and inventory information. 

Why choose NetSuite

NetSuite enables businesses of all types to work more effectively by automating core processes and providing near real-time insights into operational and financial performance. You can monitor, manage and analyze data about your finances, orders, inventory and supply chain management alongside your customer relationship management processes. 

The Shopify Plus and NetSuite connector synchronizes information about products, customers, inventory availability, sales orders and fulfillment. With a single accurate source of product information your data management can be centralized so your pricing is consistent and availability across all your channels is reliably updated.  

The benefits of integration

You can optimize your operations and processes with: 

Data-informed decision-making – when you can seamlessly connect business workflows in your ERP system with your ecommerce operations you can dramatically improve customer satisfaction through tailored digital experiences with relevant product information and recommendations. You will be able to identify patterns and trends in buying behavior to inform product development and business plans.  

Control – because the integration is certified and recognized by Shopify you can be confident that your data will flow directly, seamlessly and securely without additional interventions. 

Orders and refunds are exported from Shopify into NetSuite so you can accurately track sales across multiple locations, set reordering points, and control your stock levels. Fulfillment information is exported from NetSuite into Shopify allowing transactions to be monitored and managed so you can maintain your entire order to payment cycle from a single point. You can reliably collect taxes and close your books, allowing timely, accurate reporting and improved control of your financial assets. 

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Speed – time is money so a pre-built integration is a cost-effective alternative to a time-consuming and expensive customized implementation. You can simplify your business infrastructure and introduce reliable and robust automation to make your operations more efficient. You can even automatically send orders to third-party logistics providers (3PLs), warehouses and retailers. 

Will the solution suit everyone?

If you are currently a smaller Shopify user you might not yet need the full scope of NetSuite although integration will improve access to your key business data and allow you to grow your business. However, if your business processes don’t fit well with the NetSuite model you will need to consider reengineering them and take in to account the additional cost and time involved in development and training. 

If you are already an enterprise-scale business with your own ERP moving to NetSuite will be a strategic decision that you won’t take lightly. Your integration requirements will be complex and demand a level of accuracy, scalability, and agility that might not be met in an app environment.  

You will also want to thoroughly evaluate how you want your data to flow between the connected systems. While it might be possible to map data in custom scenarios you could find that an app framework is too rigid to meet your requirements for product data for example. 

You should also be aware that the NetSuite connector is currently only supported in North America. 

Work with a trusted partner

Working with Williams Commerce as your NetSuite development partner you can achieve simple retail solutions through to complex B2B NetSuite integrations. 

You can be confident in the support you will receive from us and the service you will receive after your integration project is implemented.  

Speak with one of our experts about your ecommerce and ERP integration requirements. 


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