When you are selling online to new and existing customers your business to business (B2B) ecommerce site must be fast, responsive, secure and always available.

Many companies believe software delivered in the cloud is the future, offering the perfect combination of resilience, scalability, functionality and performance. Williams Commerce B2B Cloud is the ideal cloud-based ecommerce solution for new businesses.

We understand the importance of cashflow for all businesses, and rather than a large capital outlay on a new ecommerce project, B2B Cloud is simply based on a payed monthly service. The B2B Cloud platform delivers support, hosting, constant upgrades and new functionality – all included as part of a monthly subscription.

Read about customers who have already benefited from cloud ecommerce, from stationery wholesalers to tool manufacturers.

So, what is cloud ecommerce?

The term ‘cloud’ computing originally came from networking diagrams which used cartoon clouds to represent undefined parts of the network.

Today cloud computing describes information and applications held on independent servers. Laptops, desktops, and other internet-capable devices with the appropriate permissions are used for access, and the infrastructure and software are provided as services.

When you want to update a product description on your ecommerce site, you just send the request to the cloud. To access customer data, you ask the cloud – from anywhere and at any time.

Because your site is in multiple locations rather than on a single server it will always be available, even if any part of the infrastructure fails, so your customers aren’t affected. They will be able to access a mobile-friendly, fully-responsive site around the clock.

In true cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions the same software provides the service to all users. The advantage of true SaaS cloud solutions such as B2B Cloud is that your ecommerce site will receive regular automatic updates throughout the year, adding new features and functionality. Your business will always be moving forwards, offering your customers more ways to buy from you and receive promotions while you increase engagement and conversion.

B2B Cloud is available for quick deployment, easy configuration and it is rich in functionality. It is optimised for design, user experience and back office management. Customer and purchasing profiles are tailored for B2B ecommerce, offering features such as Quick Order, category page ordering and customer-specific pricing. It is self-contained and scales up and down depending on demand. It will cope with increased visits and activity far more efficiently than in-house applications, servers or software could.

B2B Cloud also offers prebuilt integration with all the major business systems, so you can run a fully connected B2B ecommerce business. Seamless integration provides connectors, straight out of the box and ready to go. Integration specialists are available to provide support every step of the way and open, transparent application programing interfaces (APIs) and flat file integration are available it you prefer to do the job yourself.

You can easily configure the site with changeable features including home page designs, layouts, product data and tax configuration without the need for customisation or expensive, time-consuming development.

Customers can also request new functionality in addition to features the B2B Cloud team has already identified as beneficial developments. This collaborative approach results in a strong and vibrant community alongside a great cloud B2B ecommerce platform.

Contact us to find out which surprisingly affordable B2B Cloud price plan would best meet the needs of your business.