The Power of VTEX IO


If you’re looking for a software as a service (SaaS) ecommerce platform with a native marketplace and order management system (OMS) capabilities, the power of VTEX could be the solution you’re looking for.  

Its microservices-based architecture and powerful business and developer tools are proving popular with companies wanting a fast time to market, the ability to manage their total cost of ownership (TCO), and to future-proof their ecommerce infrastructure.   

Microservices are loosely coupled business services that can be easily added, swapped, or customized. Unlike a more traditional monolithic ecommerce solution with closely integrated functionality, VTEX microservices can be scaled independently, reducing the costs of updating the whole platform and lending itself to composable commerce. This allows different applications and services to be combined to create best of breed seamless customer experiences. 

What is VTEX IO? 

To allow you to build and extend your VTEX ecommerce solution quickly the company has created a low-code development platform that allows you to create and enhance storefronts, custom apps and integrations. You can eliminate many of the manual tasks involved in your delivery lifecycle and be confident that your solutions can be scaled easily and reliably to meet your needs.  

VTEX IO offers APIs, open-source components, and a text-based command line interface (CLI) for cloud development. You can integrate and organize data from all your services in one place, compose custom apps and extend VTEX administration tools. 

It includes an open-source toolkit and a pre-built library of components and themes, including industry-specific quick starters. It uses React-based frameworks for rapid development to create outstanding user interfaces for both mobile and web applications. 

With previews, performance tests, and instant rollback you can innovate with confidence and be assured of your code quality.

Key features of VTEX IO  

Cloud-native infrastructure – as a cloud-based solution the platform scales automatically to meet your business needs so your developers can focus on what they do best. There’s no need to pre-scale or manually prepare for traffic surges. All your local changes to code are immediately synchronized in the VTEX cloud development environment and your software is instantly redeployed. 

Workspaces your code changes can be deployed without affecting your users’ experiences because VTEX IO Workspaces allow you to create unlimited multiple versions of your code. You can test locally and synchronize each Workspace with the platform to run A/B tests to see what works best in a live environment. 

Fast start – thanks to the use of a CLI, you can start using VTEX IO as soon as you have access to your account. You can link to local files, release new app versions, and deprecate apps where needed, to speed up development time. 

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User authentication – you can easily manage permissions to access your VTEX account and develop new applications. The structure of VTEX IO makes the authentication process smooth and, once confirmed, users can link apps, navigate through workspaces and test code changes. 

Variety – using VTEX IO you can develop a wide range of applications including storefront apps, bespoke React components, admin apps, back-end apps, mobile apps, and Pixel apps to connect with third-party solutions.  

Store Framework – you can speed up your store’s development using the VTEX IO Store Framework. This allows you to use pieces of code called store blocks to build and add functionality to your web store. Even non-specialist members of your team can make changes to the store through the Site Editor panel but you can be sure that any changes will still reflect your store’s theme. 

Community – the growing and engaged VTEX community means there’s an environment of continuous learning. The VTEX Community forum provides a space to ask questions, share ideas and solve problems. There’s also a YouTube channel for VTEX developers where you can find announcements, answer questions, and run demonstration presentations. 

Innovation – thanks to the thriving VTEX community you can benefit from innovation and development experience all the time, with new store blocks, bug fixes, and apps to add features to your store. 

Work with experts 

Williams Commerce has formed a strategic partnership with VTEX to support fast-growing businesses that need an ecommerce platform that delivers robust and complex omnichannel ecommerce operations. Combined with our proven track record of business system integration solutions we help customers build and transform their digital commerce businesses worldwide. 

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements for a future-proofed ecommerce solution. 


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