Platform: Shopify

Services provided: UX, Development

Sector: Fashion

Williams Commerce, designed and developed the Shopify Plus Ecommerce store for Hype and have a pedigree working with fashion brands as well as being the British Fashion Council’s digital partner.

The hugely successful streetwear fashion brand is the ultimate story of inspirational entrepreneurship. Started in 2011 by University student Liam Green, the initial investment of £400 has been turned into a multi-million-pound business, processing thousands of orders per day around the world, stocked by retail giants including Topman and Asos and loved by celebrities and an international youth market.

The Leicester-based company boasts an exciting contemporary range covering menswear, womenswear and kidswear. Hype has flagship stores in London and Taiwan, while the brand’s excellent products and garments can be found in stores the world over. 

Man holding a hype bag in forest

Modern, mobile responsive design

the fresh new ecommerce design, features ultra widescreen design and a contemporary new tiled layout, allowing the business to maximize their online retail space and effectively showcase their exciting clothing and accessories range.  Given the prevalence of mobile, especially with Hype’s younger target audience, the built-in responsive design, fully optimised for mobile, provides visitors with a fast and user-friendly shopping experience when they are on the go.

hype fashion mobile mockup

A fast-growing business

Supporting global growth  

After discussions with the team at Hype, a decision was taken to adopt Shopify Plus. This was to help support Hype’s global growth plans, deal more efficiently with peak demand issues, and make the management and workflow of their ecommerce platform far simpler. 

Complex Integration

A number of extensions and complex integrations formed part of the project. The multiple stores that Hype had was initially somewhat problematic, but was rectified as the platform evolved.


We also delivered our user experience expertise to help make the Hype site easier to navigate and use. What’s more, we introduced Amazon Pay and Klarna Checkout to make payments and purchasing more straightforward. 

Built a platform to rapidly expand their ecommerce store

Hype approached us to review their ecommerce platform. Having considered Magento Commerce, Shopware and Shopify, the company opted for Shopify Plus, with the platform's credentials around managing huge demand being exactly what Hype needed. By rolling out Shopify Plus in time for peak seasonal trading, Hype were able to build a platform on which to rapidly expand their ecommerce store.

CEO Robert Williams
man wearing hype jumper in an urban setting

What we delivered

We delivered A modern, mobile responsive design
We provided API connections with couriers
We built A Shopify site

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