If you’re a retailer with an ecommerce website that uses the Magento 1 platform, you’re likely aware that support for Magento 1 was ended in June 2020. Essential services like security patches will no longer be available for your website, so it’s essential that you make the transition to Magento 2 as soon as possible. 

Magento 2 has helped build more than 10,000 live sites since its launch, and there is still a constant stream of business across all sectors migrating to the platform in order to take advantage of the amazing opportunities that this new software has to offer. 

Helping You Transition to Magento 2 

To give your ecommerce website the best chance to thrive with Magento 2, you need a qualified agency partner to help guide you towards reaching your goals. 

Williams Commerce have a vast amount of experience helping businesses to migrate to Magento 2, just ask the Stone Tile Company or Macfarlane Packaging. We use strong planning and preparation, as well as a measured approach, to help your website achieve its full potential. 

We make sure to cover all bases and ensure that your transition to your new ecommerce platform is carried out as seamlessly as possible. We’ve even put together a handy guide on everything your business needs to know about migrating to Magento 2, here are some of the key points you need to know: 

Key Features of Magento 2 

  • Faster Development Times 
  • Higher Performance Levels 
  • Speedier Checkout Processes 
  • Magic on Mobile 
  • Awesome Admin 

For more information about migrating to Magento 2, download our essential guide, and to achieve the best results for your ecommerce website, get in touch with the Williams Commerce team today. 

Download our Magento 2 guide

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