Mailchimp Now Offers Free Marketing Automation For All Users

Good news for Mailchimp users on the Forever Free plan! The email marketing provider has announced earlier this month that they have made their email marketing automation services free for all users.


As email marketing remains a strong channel for retention of existing customers, improving engagement and driving sales, being able to add automated emails to the mix can not only make the entire process more efficient, but it will also allow email marketers to dedicate more time towards creating outstanding content for their newsletters, for example.

So what does Mailchimp’s marketing automation feature actually entail?

It allows you to set up automated emails that can be triggered by certain settings, so you can interact in an efficient and tailored way with key segments of your audience. You can also choose from preset options, such as:

  • Welcome emails
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Product follow-ups
  • Category follow-up
  • Rewards for best customers
  • Re-engage with inactive customers
  • Ask for feedback
  • And more

You can take things even further and go big on personalisation by creating your own, custom automation processes which are well-suited to your particular customer-base.

However, it’s important to note that for ecommerce-related automation cycles, such as the abandoned cart reminders or product follow ups, you first need to connect your store with Mailchimp. The platform currently supports integration with Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce websites.

Once you’ve selected the automation setup you’re interested in, all you need to do is adding the content and your target audience or sending criteria. Don’t forget to make the content highly tailored, and to give due consideration to when and how often each automated email should be triggered.

But that’s not all! Mailchimp also provide automation reports which give you the data you need to fine tune your automated campaigns.

Not sure where to get started with email marketing? Contact the Williams Commerce Marketing team on 0116 326 1116 or email [email protected] and we can help you choose the right email marketing provider for you and devise a bespoke strategy based on your goals.


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