How to Find the Best Magento Support

Magento is a leading ecommerce platform, popular for its easy-to-use interface and website building features. Magento open source, formerly the Community Edition or CE allows businesses and developers to access the source code to create the ecommerce experience they want. Magento Enterprise Edition or EE is now known as Adobe Commerce, which is powered by Magento and has become part of the Adobe Experience Cloud to meet the needs of more complex businesses.

With either version you can continue to take advantage of thousands of Magento extensions and the skills of the Magento developer community, which means you will probably need regular Magento support.

Whether you need expert advice to unravel some compatibility issues, would like to develop specific new customisations, or want to enhance your customers’ online experiences, how do you go about choosing the best Magento agency to support your business?

The Williams Commerce team has been creating and maintaining effective ecommerce sites with Magento since 2011, so here’s some advice from us about how to choose a Magento support partner to meet your business needs.

Your Magento support requirements

With a host of expertise available in the Magento community, it could be difficult to know where to start. To help you find the right Magento agency for you, consider these things:

Magento focussed

When considering possible partners to help deliver your requirements a good place to start is their track record of creating and maintaining ecommerce solutions with Magento. Although Magento is easy to use, developers and support teams need in-depth understanding of the platform to provide reliable and detailed customisations, updates and ongoing maintenance. Ask for examples, case studies and testimonials from existing Magento customers.

Magento expertise

You will want to work with Magento Certified developers – ideally a whole team of them – so they will have resilience to meet your needs. Adobe Digital Learning Services (ADLS) provides training and Magento certification. You can find certified Adobe Partners in the Partner Directory.

Clear pricing

You won’t want an open-ended support arrangement because this could become an expensive overhead for your business. Depending on your choice of platform you will need to consider hosting for Magento 2 or Adobe Commerce on-premises options, along with securitysoftware developmentintegrations, themes, and extensions.

You will want to agree in advance what’s included in your Magento support package. Of course, unexpected things can happen so a clear understanding of rates and response times in an emergency will help to avoid unexpected costs.

Flexible support

Every business is unique, so make sure your support partners are willing to respond to your needs in ways that will suit your business. This might include regular upgrades and maintenance as well as troubleshooting and out of hours working. If there’s a ticket system to raise an issue, make sure there’s a way to escalate anything that is time or business critical.

Responsive service

Even the most carefully defined terms and conditions can’t cover every possible event. You will want to be confident your Magento agency feels a sense of ownership and will be willing to respond when something extraordinary happens. While many Magento extensions offer complementary support, it’s important to confirm what this will mean in practice.

Experience you can trust

Williams Commerce is an Adobe Commerce and Magento agency with a team of certified specialists. Between them, the team members have decades of experience bringing customers’ ecommerce strategies to life and maintaining high performing sites that make the most of the power of Magento.

As Adobe Gold partners we specialise in Adobe Commerce in EMEA, delivering the  highest quality solutions to our clients. Our support team monitors, maintains and proactively troubleshoots on our clients’ sites. We’re always on-hand to iron out any issues that affect your business or your customers’ experiences.

We can tailor a Magento support package for both new and existing digital properties to suit your needs. These can include:

Fixed support

For managed costs our monthly fixed support service will give you peace of mind, thanks to the back-up of our large team of experts.

Development retainer

Nothing in ecommerce stands still, so our monthly development retained service will allow your ecommerce business to grow and improve all the time. You can block-book project resources every month so you know your site is continuously evolving to stay ahead of your competitors. Or you can choose our growth acceleration option, customised to your needs and ambition, for cost-effective developments that will help you achieve high returns.

Emergency response

When your ecommerce site is business critical you will want to know you can rely on around the clock support. Our specialist hosting team monitors and responds to high and critical alert levels in your hosting environment, and we work proactively to ensure the highest levels of availability. This is a popular option for our high volume retail clients, especially at weekends.

Let’s talk about your Adobe Commerce or Magento support requirements today.


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