At Williams Commerce, we work closely with ecommerce platform providers to stay ahead of security risks.

Effective security relies on understanding your weaknesses and prioritizing your defences. We provide our customers with confidence about their online security measures.

In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, we also have Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications, and our Cyber Security team is constantly on the lookout for potential threats.

Here are some steps we frequently recommend:

Testing – regular penetration tests will alert you promptly to vulnerabilities. You will then have an opportunity to find solutions before you are targeted by criminals. There are many types of penetration test, but ecommerce businesses should start with a web application test. A cyber security expert will probe your applications, using the same techniques as a criminal hacker looking for ways to exploit your systems, and you will be informed of any weaknesses.

Review your data protection practices – to run an ecommerce business you will have to collect customers’ personal information, which means you are responsible for protecting it. Cybercrime represents a serious threat to data protection. For example, the average cost of a data breach to organisations in Association of South East Asian Nations region is S$3.6 million (US$2.62 million) and the average number of records involved in each breach is 22,500.

You must also make sure that you don’t use your customers’ information without their permission. This might include using it for marketing purposes or sharing it with third parties, which could lead to a fine. We can help you set up and maintain industry standard privacy policies.

Find out more about how Williams Commerce can help to protect your valuable data assets. Speak with one of our experts.