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SIG Case Study

A leading supplier of insulation and drylining in the UK and Europe, SIG has a substantial UK presence in the roofing sector as well as supplying a range of construction products.

“Bringing all our brand sites onto a single content management system, operating on the newest versions of Adobe Commerce 2, is a real advantage for us. We are happy to be moving away from deprecating platforms, and to a platform which will allow us to operate our sites more effectively moving forwards.”

Digital Transformation

Revnue up by 60%

101% increase in conversion rate

SIG has grown from a relatively small insulation business into a multi-faceted leader in the field.

For a company that has enjoyed such phenomenal growth, finding ways to keep that trajectory going is key to ensuring future success is achieved. In order to continue moving along this path, SIG started a project which would see enhancements to three of its retail sites – Roof StoresPowerTools2U, and Insulation Express. 

Williams Commerce was asked to lead the project and bring these sites onto a single content management system for great efficiency and operations.

SIG case study

Bringing three stores together

The overall aim of the project was to move Roof Stores, PowerTools2U and Insulation Express onto a shared Cloud instance and link all three in the backend. This would run on a cloud commerce solution, with the shared content management system providing a single source for staff to operate the three stores from and deliver an enhanced customer experience 

We started by building a completely new Roof Stores site on the Adobe Commerce platform. This was built as close to the Adobe theme as possible. This new site was created to help make operations smoother, while we also taking advantage of many third-party module applications. Though the Roof Stores site was brand new, the existing PowerTools2U and Insulation Express sites were integrated into the new CMS.

They both had data within their respective Magento stores.  Taking this data and getting it to fit into the new commerce platform was a challenge. Issues were also faced around the quality of the data. We needed a unique set up in order to handle this, and utilised all the abilities of multi-store on Adobe Commerce. Our team assisted where possible and were able to get data exported in the right format.


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Delivering to meet client needs

Williams Commerce successfully moved the new Roof Stores site and the two existing sites for PowerTools2U and Insulation Express onto the Adobe Commerce platform, which is hosted in Adobe Cloud. We utilised best practices and kept it as core to Adobe Commerce as possible. This was to allow for total cost of ownership to stay as low as possible and to drive down the overheads of any unique customisation.


A variety of excellent integrations

This project also saw the integration of a series of third-party modules to enhance functionality, and we made a number of customisations to facilitate this. These modules include ShipperHQ, which delivers in-depth shipping capabilities for customers, while in-depth SEO functionality was also introduced.

TrustPilot is in use on selected sites, while a wide range of Amasty modules also feature. These include special promotions, labelling options, GOIP, GDPR redirect, delivery date, cookie consent, blog pro, custom forms and improved layered navigation.

The Williams Commerce team put a lot of time and effort into the third-party functionality, which we helped ensure works seamlessly with the Adobe platform. Additionally, the Williams Commerce team will be delivering ongoing support for SIG moving forwards.






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