Existing Magento Website Development and Support

Helping our customers leverage the best value from their ecommerce investment is at the heart of our support and development service. We never turn away problematic sites, we regularly pickup code written by other developers and work fast to fix issues. With our experience in this area we can help turn around a problematic ecommerce site and help you start delivering your online goals. In addition to this server we offer a range of development retainers, this allows us to block in development and project resources every month to ensure we can keep your site development moving forward. In many cases rather than build a new ecommerce website if it is viable we will work with the customers’ existing ecommerce website adding enhancements and new functionality.

The key is to find the most cost effective and strategically best solution for the customer. Typically it takes the Williams Commerce team a week to fully take on a custom built .net or php website, and faster for sites based on Magento, Venda or SalesForce Commerce Cloud. When we take on an existing website project, this is the process we would usually follow…

1. Understand requirements; what do you want to achieve from your current ecommerce website.

2. Gain access to existing website and code.

3. Assess the complexity of the change, type or platform and whether there is a good fit between requirements and the existing website.

4. Provide a proposal and agree next steps.

Williams Commerce

Experience Across Multiple Platforms

We have vast experience on a range of platforms, including Demandware, Magento, Venda, ZenCart and Microsoft .net and PHP.

Development & Support Options

Fixed Support Contracts

Control your support costs with our monthly fixed support contracts, typically we offer rolling monthly support at a set level. This gives you peace of mind that you have the support of a large team of Magento support experts whenever you need it.

Pay As You Go

Keep things simple and we can provide simple Pay As you Go Magento Support. We react to an issue usually within 30 minutes of receiving a call from a customer. Maintaining and fixing Magento sites developed by other developers is a regular part of our work and we work fast to immediately stabilise any environment and fix issues. Call our Helpdesk today for a quote on +44116 326 1116

Monthly Development Retainers

Grow and improve your ecommerce site with our Magento Monthly Development Retainer service. Start a program of continuous improvement and drive more sales.

24/7 Emergency Response

For those customers who need that extra level of support, typically high volume retail Magento sites we offer 24/7 support. Our specialist hosting team monitor and respond to Critical and High alerts on customers hosting environments as well as working proactively to ensure the highest levels of availability. Some of the most critical trading for retail ecommerce websites is across weekends, so having that knowledge that your support team is available 24/7 is a great peace of mind.

Williams Commerce can... Offer in house support
Williams Commerce can... Audit your Magento site
Williams Commerce can... Pick up existing projects

Project to Plan?

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