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Fine Food Specialist Revisited Case Study

Michelin trained chef Drogo Montagu founded Fine Food Specialist in 2010. Beset by a crippling illness, he embarked on a new culinary adventure. Now he finds the finest foodie products and makes them accessible for everybody from the comfort of their own kitchen.

"Williams Commerce’s extensive expertise in digital strategy & marketing  enabled FFS to compete within the online ecommerce market"

1600% average increase in
paid social ROAS

22% year-on-year
PPC revenue growth

31.3% growth in
ranking keywords


Fine Food Specialist and Williams Commerce have collaborated since 2016, helping this luxury produce merchant regularly achieve key digital objectives.

Targeted digital marketing services to accelerate Fine Food Specialist’s online growth include:

The results speak for themselves: 25% growth in website revenue and improved profitability.

Fine Food Specialist Revisited Case Study

Paid social

The main focus of our paid social approach for Fine Food Specialist was to acquire new customers and drive sales.

With an outstanding seasonal product range Fine Food Specialist’s customers wanted beautiful content about the right products at the right time. Our paid social strategy supported larger scale but tailored Facebook and Instagram advertising.

The Williams Commerce team worked with Fine Food Specialist to create images, videos and recipes optimised for social media advertising. Increased engagement with existing and potential new customers improved upward sales funnel campaigns and developed leads for email marketing.

A tailored approach to the paid social strategy allowed effective scaling of the Facebook and Instagram advertising accounts. We tested everything from carousel and video advertisements to collection ads and dynamic product ads across Facebook and Instagram. Placements of dedicated stories and artwork also helped improve conversion rates.

To attract customers interested in new recipes and ingredients Pinterest was also perfectly suited to Fine Food Specialist’s business. Combining interests with keywords, demographic data, and custom audience lists supported targeted Pinterest advertising. Integrating their online product feed with the Pinterest account also provided easy-to-update shoppable product pins. Just a few clicks allowed customers to find and buy their favourite products.

Following the launch of their Adobe Commerce Cloud website the new ‘Drogo’s Kitchen’ section was also very successful on Pinterest. Favourite recipes and stunning images promoted as collection pins provided full recipe details. Tagging relevant ingredients created an engaging advertisement format so customers could easily turn inspiration into action.

In just one year the strong 600% average return on advertising spend (ROAS) across all three channels increased to an average of over 1000%. As spending has increased ROAS has also gone up. The following year the average ROAS was more than 1600%. Pinterest is proving so popular we’re adding new advertising formats as soon as they are available.


Pay per click

Our initial PPC objective was clear: to maintain and continue growing revenue at a more profitable rate.

 Analysing historical website performance data highlighted seasonal PPC trends. Monitoring included third party tools on the website and comprehensive Google Data Studio reports.

The resulting integrated digital marketing strategy for Fine Food Specialist featured a split PPC campaign. Product categories, channels, impression share and ROAS were all explored. We then adjusted spending to ensure the most effective use of the overall budget. As a result, PPC ROAS increased to 998%, compared with 650% for the previous year.


Search engine optimisation

Working closely with Fine Food Specialist and progressively fine-tuning their SEO strategy has delivered continuous growth. With a large product catalogue, they had achieved impressive rankings for over 12,000 keywords. However, we still needed to find new SEO opportunities for organic search growth to maintain and improve these rankings. The objectives were to sustain top-performing search terms, optimise traffic to specific website sections and find new SEO growth tactics.

 Our strategy focused on creative fine-tuning to deliver incremental growth for specific categories such as ‘caviar’, ‘wagyu beef’, and ‘recipes’. We also re-evaluated our strategy to identify new SEO opportunities.

The result was an impressive 31.3% increase in ranking keywords. Keywords in Google’s top five increased by 53.3% and organic clicks and impressions each improved by 102.2% and 113.1%. ‘Caviar’ related keyword clicks increased 158.1%, ‘Wagyu beef’ by 62.4% and ‘recipes’ in Drogo’s Kitchen of 523.3%.


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  • 12% growth in website traffic
  • 25% uplift in website revenue
  • 22% year-on-year PPC revenue growth
  • 998% PPC ROAS
  • 1600% increase in average paid social ROAS
  • 31.3% growth in ranking keywords
  • SEO delivering 53.3% increase in Google’s top five keywords
  • Winning the Direct Commerce Awards Best Digital Marketing Campaign for B2C in 2019.




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