Benefits of moving to Cloud Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP

So you have chosen Microsoft Dynamics Nav as your business's ERP system.

Now you are faced with the choice between using the Microsoft Azure Cloud or your own servers, or perhaps you have been using your own servers already, and you are considering moving to the cloud.

Having worked with many businesses using Microsoft Dynamics Nav, here at Williams Commerce we believe there are a number of benefits to making use of the Microsoft cloud.

The first key benefit is Security. As the web grows, so does the number of online threats, and without the right security, your confidential business data could be at risk. By using your own servers, you are also in a position where you have to set up your own security, and could be prone to errors. By using the cloud, you can rely on Microsoft’s own security systems, or the security that has been specifically set up by your Dynamics Nav hosts.

While using your own servers can require you to purchase additional hardware and you have the cost of paying from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Licenses up front. The cloud requires much less initial investment, and only requires a low monthly fee. You also do not need to pay for maintenance, while responsibility for keeping the application up-to-date is shifted to the solution provider.

By using the cloud, there is more scope for scalability, as business scalability is built in, giving you the ability to add and subtract seats monthly. In addition, you can forget about worrying about the space on your own server. Microsoft’s cloud is also more flexible, with the cloud allowing users to make changes on demand. The level of flexibility is especially useful for businesses that are growing or are seasonal, as it allows for the business to quickly change to meet demand.

As your data is in the cloud, you and your employees can gain access to the data from anywhere, making this especially useful for businesses that have employees who travel around, such a sales people. Providing they have Internet access, they can view their data instantly on the move.

Your business will also be far less dependent on its own internal IT resources, saving your own business a lot of time and money, and allows your own IT department to keep their focus on other aspects of your business.


Williams Commerce offer a cloud hosted Microsoft Dynamics Nav ERP from just £35 per month. Our data centres have been thoroughly tested for security, and adhere to Tier 3 standards.

If you are interested in our hosting service, please feel free to contact us on 0116 326 1116, or email us at [email protected]


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