The Importance of Patching Magento with the Latest Security Updates

Besides being a word-class ecommerce platform adopted by countless business who want to accelerate their growth online, Magento is also constantly releasing security patches for the Community and Enterprise editions, in order to address any malware threats or security issues that might appear.

Learn all about the fantastic features of Magento Enterprise here.

In order to keep their websites protected at all time, it is extremely important for Magento clients or the Magento Solution Partners they work with to install these securities patches as soon as they are released. You can read more about Magento security patches here.

Here, at Williams Commerce, Magento Silver Solution Partner, we know that thinking ahead to prevent any future security threats is key when it comes to protecting your website. Furthermore, when implementing Magento security patches, testing them first is also very important, as certain patches might affect various extensions or customisations of the website. This is why, having Magento certified developers who can install security correctly as soon as possible is crucial.

To learn more about the Magento Support and Development services offered by Williams Commerce, that include keeping your website updated and fully protected, don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or call us on 0116 326 1116.


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